Thoughts & Feelings Column: Twin Angels BREAK


Show Summary

Amatsuki Meguru is Twin Angels BREAK’s main protagonist. She’s a sweet girl whose only dream is to be a hero and save people in need. Kisaragi Sumire, the secondary protagonist, is a cool beauty who grew up in a very strict home. She has heroic seniority to Meguru as her family is hinted to be consistent heroes. Both girls are in their third year of middle school and become partners who fight evil with the blessing of Miruku, an adorable magical hedgehog. Heroes work in pairs as created by Miruku and are called “Twin Angels.”

Episode One

Magical Girl anime are a staple that we’ve all come to know and love. I always want one each season, but this show-type seems to be waning nowadays- though their current infrequency is likely why I still hold magical girl anime in esteem. Twin Angels BREAK is just what you need to help perk up the beginning of spring with adorable girls and a candy-coated premise.

Episode Two

Overall, episode two was a great way to help us to get know Sumire better, and it helps start up some potential plot threads to keep us interested and coming back for more.

Episode Three

While we never learn what pet milk is, episode three of Twin Angels BREAK does give us a look into its past and helps us understand why Miruku is such a glutton for the energy given off from the monsters. There is, of course, a fair share of learning and understanding from all parties, and there’s an appearance from Yuto, Sumire’s big brother who is very attractive.

Episode Four

This week introduces us to an older male character who preys on young girls, or at least he begins to prey on young girls and eventually falls in love with a cross-dressing boy. We should all be reminded that Twin Angels BREAK takes place in a middle school with middle school girls as the protagonists, so featuring an older male character attempting to infiltrate and court young women is not okay.

Episode Five

School trips have slowly become such a norm in school-based anime that you really notice when there is no trip in the show- much like a beach or pool episode. Twin Angels BREAK makes up for last episode’s Billy blunder by treating us to an adventure to Okinawa, one of the the most famous anime school trip locations. The beginning of this installment presents a Yuto red herring, and much to my disappointment there is no appearance of the Misty Knight here, though I do believe we have enough fun with the Twenty- Eights to make up for his meandering.

Episode Six

Twin Angels BREAK takes a more comedic turn this episode as we are finally moving past the information downloads of the past half of the show. I’m really falling in love with this series!

Episode Seven

It’s about time for seeds of the final arc to pick up, and we won’t be disappointed with this episode’s reveals. While Twin Angels BREAK doesn’t spend as much time on comedy this go-around, there is enough seriousness building from the Twenty Eights and Oginome to keep us engaged and potentially ignore the villain’s previous slip-ups. This episode does a good job of focusing on Nui and Sumire’s separation from their partners, but remains just a tad slow on advancing our plot seemingly using Meguru’s altruism as a crutch.

Episode Eight

This episode of TAB has quite a bit going on, and I felt that we should have more time dedicated to explaining the Twin Angel backstory. We are given a tidbit of information with Nasty Knight’s adventures, but most of the story is focused on Sumire hiding her feelings from Meguru and Nui pressing Veil to never see Meguru again. The lack of actual battle isn’t made up for in plot progression, and this is possibly the weakest episode so far in TAB with too much focus on static characters attempting to interact with dynamic ones.

Episode Nine

If you wanted a fast paced episode of TAB– I would suggest waiting just a week longer. Episode nine deals with more Meguru and Veil’s ill fated relationship with a small bit introducing the Twenty-Eight’s exit from their evil ways, and as it sounds this isn’t a quick process. There some inkling of Meguru’s growth as a person, though there’s enough teasing to give us a taste, we miss out on any significant expansion this round.

Episode Ten

It’s time to get things going, and this episode does just that. We kick off the climax with Meguru’s beautiful kindness soured by regret and despair. There are few things worse than seeing a cute girl cry, and seeing that cute girl pretend like nothing is wrong is one of those worse things. It’s seriously heartbreaking. Through it all, Oginome takes advantage of Meguru’s weakened state and her separation from Sumire to kickoff her plan.

Episode Eleven

I have developed quite the soft spot for Twin Angels BREAK, but no amount of pure affection can mask the subtle frustration I have with the pace of these last few episodes. Our last act is being drawn out, and it feels slow compared to the breakneck speed we had toward the beginning. While TAB has been taking its time since the halfway point, I am noticing an even slower crawl at the end here. The expression pauses and general banter would have been better served cut down and replaced with action scenes or even preserving the final episode as a fan service “thank you” with the extra time saved from removing the extraneous material.

Episode Twelve

This is it! The moment we have all been waiting for! The resurrection of the evil demon lord, Zelucifer! … Is what it’d like to say, but the actual final battle is a little hectic and Zelucifer never has the chance to fully rise to power. Not a lot actually happens in this episode in terms of a final climatic battle. In fact, the battle has more to do with Meguru’s internal conflict than the fate of world.