Thoughts & Feelings Column: Saga of Tanya the Evil

Show Summary

In an ambiguous World War in an alternate reality Germany stands a ruthless child who has managed to become a Lieutenant by age ten. Tanya Degurechaff is reliving life in state of constant warfare against God and country in an effort to survive without faith or religion. Her inherent, overpowered magical abilities make her the ace of the air cavalry force, but also forces her again and again to the front lines where her death is likely. Saga of Tanya the Evil is charged with religious commentary and great animation.

Episode One

Alternate history war stories are always interesting, but add a little bit of magic and truly wonderful animation and you’ve got the ingredients for a great season contender.

Episode Two

This show is really delving into the idea of religion as a force and what causes people to believe in the first place. When faced with the shocking reality that Being X does exist, Tanya rejects it, while other people may see it as a wonderful act of God.

Episode Three

Every episode of Saga of Tanya the Evil has been amazing so far, and episode three doesn’t slow us down at all. Here we get more of a look at how Tanya got where she is in the first episode, and more commentary on religion as a whole.

Episode Four

This episode of Saga of Tanya the Evil focuses on pursuing Tanya through her military school post and how she returns to the battlefield. There is no interference from Being X in this episode, so it reminds me of episode one with a stronger focus on the people around Tanya and how she manipulates them than the last two installments.

Episode Five

Tanya really comes to her stride in this episode. Her ruthlessness and goal-mindedness is unmeasured, and I was on edge in the second half as I waited for the other shoe to drop. I won’t call this a masterful work in suspense, but I can say that it plays on your expectations for a war story.

Episode Six

A significant portion of this episode is focused on higher-up decision making compared to previous installments where these were quick asides that really focused more on debriefings about Tanya. While it’s nice to see the other side of coin, I did find it a bit boring when the first meeting with the Imperial Army heads ran long. I’ve grown accustomed to seeing a lot of Tanya of her poor attitude these past few episodes, so I felt almost jipped in the first few minutes.

Episode Seven & Eight

The beginning of episode seven threw me for a loop because I had totally forgotten who this Colonial Sioux was. At first I thought it was the man Tanya convinced out of the front lines, but of course the dialogue doesn’t match that in any way. Later- it’s revealed that this is the man who fought Tanya before she was sent to the rear echelon for the first time.

Episode Nine

This episode of Saga of Tanya brings forth more war and death with a dash of Being X, but instead of seeing Being X in action we only get Tanya’s commentary on it. I won’t harp on the lack of Being X in this, but it should still be understood that this section of the story isn’t being continued. I believe that the last arc of of Tanya is going to deal with Being X’s plan and it and Tanya coming to a head.

 Episode Ten & Eleven

Once again, I decided to combine episodes ten and eleven of Tanya. There is a lot of action between the two episodes leaving little room for any real analysis (what little I do) on my end. I really love that there is so little to draw on, honestly. Since I don’t typically watch a ton of action-y anime, it’s a nice change of pace to just be able to sit back and enjoy some fights.

Episode Twelve

The last episode of Saga of Tanya leaves me both happy and unfulfilled. I have to harp on the fact that Being X has been oddly absent in the second half of the season, but otherwise I believe the show has ended on a a solid note.