Thoughts & Feelings Column: Magical Girl Raising Project


Show Summary

Magical Girl Raising Project is a mobile phone game that is rumored to grant players the powers of a magical girl. This rumor turns out to be true, and many girls end up with magical powers and work to better their community. However, Fav, the sentient AI who runs the game, decides to change the rules. The game turns from a happy-go-lucky exercise in civic duty into a bloodbath.


Episode One

The first edition of “Thoughts and Feelings.” This column discusses my thoughts and feelings while watching the first episode of MGRP!

Episode Two

We start the episode out with a very good question for Fav. Why did he make so many magical girls if he was just going to cut them down? He claims to have miscalculated how many girls he needs and blames a limited mana supply; however, because of what we see as the cold open in episode one, I don’t believe it.

Episode Three

For the first part of the episode, no one knows that Nemu died. Ripple has an inkling, but nothing substantial just yet. It isn’t until Sister Nana calls a few of the girls together that we learn that Cranberry was told that when magical girls stop being magical girls they die. This is contrasted with the wacky goings on of Ruler’s brigade while they try to get as many candies they can.

Episode Four

This episode is relatively fun because you get to learn about Ruler and Swim Swim, and it makes up (kind of) for some of the more irritating moments with the Peaky Angels.

Episode Five

I think I’d have to chalk up Magicaloid and Sister Nana’s initial interaction as the most entertaining backstory to come out of this show- yet.

Episode Six

It should be noted that Magicaloid didn’t want to be a magical girl. She was given no choice, which is very interesting because I never noticed that tidbit before with any of the other transformations. Fav appears and says they are now magical girls, there is no contract system no consent.

Episode Seven

This episode was relatively lackluster in terms of giving us more answers to the minds behind the game. However, there are still some key points worth note.

Episode Eight

The most important lesson Sister Nana learns this episode is that she needs to stay still. She loses a lot this episode, and it’s really very sad no matter how you feel about her.

Episode Nine

MGRP raises its body count with a total of three deaths this episode, but none of the fights are as exciting as Winterprision’s final bout in the previous installment.

Episode Ten

Magical Girl Raising Project hasn’t surprised me in weeks, but this past episode really brought out the stops and made me feel confident in the show again.

Episode Eleven

Well, as it turns out the outcome I thought was teased at the beginning of the show was a complete misdirection. What I thought was Snow White losing her mind, was in fact a look at Cranberry’s entrance exam.

Episode Twelve

This is it! This is the end we’ve been waiting weeks for- and I’m pretty disappointed.