Thoughts & Feelings Column: Darling in the FRANXX – Episode Nineteen

Darling in the Franxx is wrapping up quite nicely, and all of our questions are getting answered. There’s a fair bit of mystery left, and even if we don’t find out what the Klax truly are, I’ll be happy just knowing that humanity declined so terribly over the course of about forty years.

Thoughts & Feelings Column: Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card – Episodes Nineteen & Twenty

 Here’s to my continual hope that each plot promise will yield a more solid episode next time; however, I’m beginning to wonder if I should just just drop out of the show since the show is scheduled to end in two episodes, I am doubting any real resolution.

Thoughts & Feelings Column: Darling in the FRANXX – Episode Eighteen

Even though we are taking a lot of time out to build and shatter these children, I do have full confidence that this show can be finished without any real rushing toward the end. I am very curious how the piloting is going to work at this point, too, what with Kokoro and Mitsuru believing each other to be new members of the team. Everything is finally coming to a convergence, and the next few episodes will be determining the pacing of the final arc: it’s time for the crunch.

Thoughts & Feelings Column: Darling in the FRANXX – Episode Seventeen

I would first like to say that I do enjoy these episodes with the kids enjoying their slow life as the world literally dies around them, but I am very concerned about the amount of time we are spending on this section. It feels like we should be moving more quickly since the ending should be ramping up soon. All of the content does feel needed so that we fully care for the all the characters, but I wonder if we couldn’t have sped any of this up in any way before now.

Thoughts & Feelings Column: Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card – Episodes Seventeen & Eighteen

Episodes seventeen and eighteen have quite a bit going on in it in regards to additional story setup, but it still lacks a deviation from the norm that, I think, most of us want at this point. We are truly settled into a monster of the week scenario with a useless cast of characters doing very little to back an overpowered little girl who manages to solve all her capturing problems in under a minute. I love this show, but I am also very tired of the monotony it’s bringing. When you think about the past sixteen episodes, well, much really hasn’t happened to advance the basal plot.

Thoughts & Feelings Column: Darling in the FRANXX – Episode Sixteen

With the end of last episode showing us the utter destruction of Squad 13’s home paired the victory Hero and Zero Two shared, episode sixteen picks up featuring a happy Zero Two who is filing her horns back down to a manageable size. She has no cares in the world as she ignores the sonic pang that hit her mind before the giant underground struck the surface world.

Thoughts & Feelings Column: Darling in the FRANXX – Episode Fifteen

At the top of episode fifteen, we learn that the Gran Crevasse is a habitat that was destroyed by the Klax who now inhabit and swarm the area. Considering APE has been planning on coming back to this place for sometime, I am wondering if this is where the Klax infestation on this world began. It could make sense that as a result of experiments of some sort, these creatures went rogue and began to destroy the habitat.