Thoughts & Feelings Column: Attack on Titan Season Two – Episodes Thirty-Four & Thirty-Five

Overall, quite a few questions are answered in this set of episodes, so even if the show seems to be slowing itself down in the middle of the action- at least it’s for good reason. It’s also about time that we get some concrete answers on titans since most people watching the show aren’t far enough in the manga to understand what is really going on. We also don’t know if the anime will diverge at any point like most ongoing manga-to-anime adaptations do. However, even though we are given much needed information in thirty-five, episode thirty-four is the weakest entry in this season, yet, centering far too much focus on Eren’s childish anger using everyone around him as a set-up for thirty-five’s reveals.

Thoughts & Feelings Column: Twin Angels BREAK – Episode Nine

If you wanted a fast paced episode of TAB- I would suggest waiting just a week longer. Episode nine deals with more Meguru and Veil’s ill fated relationship with a small bit introducing the Twenty-Eight’s exit from their evil ways, and as it sounds this isn’t a quick process. There some inkling of Meguru’s growth as a person, though there’s enough teasing to give us a taste, we miss out on any significant expansion this round.

Thoughts & Feelings Column: Attack on Titan Season Two – Episodes Thirty-Two & Thirty-Three

A lot of both episodes 32 and 33 are battles and quick flashes of scout training. It does feel like we are putting off more reveals, but I’m a terribly impatient person and I understand that pacing is key. Objectively, we are looking a great group of episodes that build this arc so we can continue to empathize with Reiner and Bertholdt, though that time is long past according to Eren. The breakneck speed at which the show was moving in the first half has slowed to a more manageable pace, and it’s obvious this is where AOT wants us to be for the remainder of the season.

Thoughts & Feelings Column: Twin Angels BREAK – Episode Seven

It’s about time for seeds of the final arc to pick up, and we won’t be disappointed with this episode’s reveals. While Twin Angels BREAK doesn’t spend as much time on comedy this go-around, there is enough seriousness building from the Twenty Eights and Oginome to keep us engaged and potentially ignore the villain’s previous slip-ups. This episode does a good job of focusing on Nui and Sumire’s separation from their partners, but remains just a tad slow on advancing our plot seemingly using Meguru’s altruism as a crutch.

Thoughts & Feelings Column: Twin Angels BREAK – Episode Six

Twin Angels BREAK takes a more comedic turn this episode as we are finally moving past the information downloads of the past half of the show. I’m really falling in love with this series!

Thoughts & Feelings Column: Twin Angels BREAK- Episode Five

School trips have slowly become such a norm in school-based anime that you really notice when there is no trip in the show- much like a beach or pool episode. Twin Angels BREAK makes up for last episode’s Billy blunder by treating us to an adventure to Okinawa, one of the the most famous anime school trip locations. The beginning of this installment presents a Yuto red herring, and much to my disappointment there is no appearance of the Misty Knight here, though I do believe we have enough fun with the Twenty- Eights to make up for his meandering.

Thoughts & Feelings Column: Attack on Titan Season Two – Episode Thirty

This episode’s title card promises more information on Historia at first glance; however, this time we are provided with Ymir’s history and motivations more than any solid understanding of Christa. Which, considering we know very little about Ymir, too, works since her death is imminent.