Winter Season 2018: First Impressions

The winter season is well underway, and most the new anime have finally premiered! Below is a list of the anime I’m watching this season (and some bad ones I just HAD to talk about) and my first impressions of each. This anime season has some great pinch hitters, and some- not so great additions to the anime universe.

Series Review: Blend-S

Blend S is cute, and you get what you came for: girls serving food, light romance, and situational comedy. It’s a lot of fun watching the girls parodying anime personality tropes, and the cafe life seems truly enjoyable. Blend S is very much the cutesy-popcorn watch of the season, with little (if any) issues with execution. Though the show itself occupies a niche section of anime culture, I do believe it can transfer well to all anime viewers given the chance.

Series Review: A Little Sister’s All You Need (Featuring a Bonus Almost Illiterate “In Defense of the Imouto Genre”)

A Little Sister’s All You Need is a fun, quick anime that helps you learn a little about light novelists, beer, and games. With a combined arsenal of comedy and drama, and a stellar grasp of interesting animation and infographics, this is a slice of life show for the record books. Watch it.

Series Review: Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World

Having never seen the first Kino’s Journey and after hearing it’s praises for years, finally getting a chance to see a version of the story was quite the treat. That sounds weird, but you don’t need to watch the first season from 2003 to fall in love with this continuation. Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World does a masterful job of introducing (or reintroducing) you back into Kino’s fascinating world of countries and adventure.

Series Review: Juni Taisen

I believe Juni Taisen did a great job integrating the Chinese zodiac into their world, and I thought it was quite cool that families could choose people outside their bloodline to compete in the competition. However, I was left with more questions than answers at the end of the show, and though these are likely discussed in the novel, I really think the anime could have fleshed these concepts out more.

Series Review: King’s Game

Let me start by saying that I would have loved King’s Game in eighth grade. The way the characters speak and interact with each other, and the general premise of the show, remind me of everything my angsty little heart loved as a 12 to 13-year-old. Unfortunately, King’s Game is not made for anyone past the age of 16, and it’s painfully tough to get through as an adult. But, I did it. I watched it all, and boy was it bad.

Series Review: Recovery of an MMO Junkie

I think we all dream of quitting our jobs and staying inside – or at least unemployed – at some point in our lives. Morioka Moriko is the woman who lives this blessed dream. She begins the show by quitting her job and joining the MMO community with her male character named Hayashi. In the hopes of reliving the fun she had in a previous MMO, Moriko plays Fruits de Mer and meets a girl named Lily who’s kindness inspires her to make changes in and out of game. Lily happens to be a very attractive man, Sakurai Yuta, and so the romantic comedy begins as the two meet in real life without realizing it.