18057198_10155180201077789_6600345170403085045_nMy name is Sky Morrell, I’m 24, and I write this blog. I’m not a professional reviewer, and I am pretty biased when it comes to anime shows.  On average I tend to prefer slow life and school based shows without any action, and I love moe. I’d like everyone to remember all that when they read my posts. Sometimes, you’re going to think my opinions suck, and that’s totally okay.

Anyway, back to the real meat of me. I was born in Florida, but I have been living in Kansas since I was in 6th grade. I have gone to three colleges (Central Connecticut State University, University of Kansas, and Pittsburg University), but I only have one degree: Business Administration. I also went to South Korea for two weeks as a study abroad trip with PSU. Recently, I visited Hawaii with my boyfriend’s family.

I have been watching anime since I was in 8th grade, and successfully transitioned out of my “weird anime kid” phase toward the end of high school. Congratulations me!

Today, I live with my boyfriend in an apartment with two cats (Latte and Mirai) and three fish (Mirmulnir, Paarthurnax, and Alduin). I spend a lot of time watching anime and playing games, but I do find time to exercise and cook on the side.

If you have any further questions please contact me!



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