Thoughts & Feelings Column: Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card – Episode Two


In this episode, a few threads are being sewn with Syaoran’s return to Japan, and we get to see our dear boyfriends, Toya and Yuki together again. There isn’t a ton of action this round, and instead we are given more of a look at the calm life the kids are living during this clear card crisis. Our pacing has certainly been quickened, and episode two is offering just a little more information about the clear cards if you pay attention closely.

Sakura pulls Syaoran and Tomoyo aside before school to inform them about the the card, Gale.  She goes as far as to point out that the designs on the back and front of the cards don’t show through to the other side despite being clear. This may be a simple design choice, but the fact that Sakura brought it up makes me think there could be more to this minor enchantment.

1Though both Syaoran and Tomoyo are there to listen to Sakura, she still feels terribly uneasy that this card hunting is happening in her town again- especially after things have been calm for so long. The poor girl is just so exhausted.

After the seriousness of the morning passes, Chiharu gives Tomoyo and Sakura ultimate cheesecake recipe and the girls talk about which clubs they plan to join. A point of contention comes later when Syaoran mentions that he doesn’t have time to join any clubs. This is very strange since he really shouldn’t have much to do being a middle schooler. Syaoran says he is working on paperwork that is needed for his immigration, but paperwork doesn’t take quite that long to complete. I can only assume that Syaoran is investigating the clear card mystery on his own, but to what end- I’m not really sure.

I want to trust Syaoran, but he’s been oddly distant since returning to Japan.


School ends and Tomoyo and Sakura head home to cook cheesecake. While they are eating, the girls mildly discuss the clear cards. Sakura has reflected on her feelings and says that worrying all the time won’t help, and instead what will happen will. It’s the most mature idea I’ve ever heard a middle school kid understand- it’s an idea that a lot of people don’t understand until they are dead and buried. Sakura is a very smart girl, and I believe her calmness in this situation is seriously needed, especially since we have no real leads on why the Clow cards have been cleared and what these new clear cards even are.

4Toya, Sakura’s bother, has always been quite the intuitive kid, but I had really forgotten how intuitive he was until he started mad-dogging Kero over the middle to end of this episode. Toya also seems to know more about Sakura’s predicament than we ever guess. Though he no longer has his latent magical ability, I think Toya is smart enough to see that Kero is not a stuffed animal.

Our heroes are able to survive their dangerous encounter with Toya, and we are rewarded with Tomoyo’s first outfit for Sakura of the Clear Card arc! It’s a cute pink costume that looks a little detective-y. Just as Tomoyo is putting some finishing touches on the dress, Kero, Sakura, and Tomoyo are transported into a closed space the same size of Sakura’s room, but it’s a white cube with brown swirls.

It’s strange that this card is acting in a created closed space since we haven’t dealt with any cards with such an ability before, even with the Clow Cards. Does this mean the cards are more sentient than the Clow Cards, or does this mean someone is pulling strings behind the veil?

3No matter how the team tries, they are unable to push out of the cube, instead, the walls and floor act like a rubber substance and move out and snap in as they try to escape. Tomoyo uses her pushpins to pop the cube, and Sakura is able to seal the card known as Siege. The closed space disappears and they are returned to Sakura’s room.

Later that night, Sakura has another dream of the robed figures and the dragon, and here the figure is trying to draw the new key around Sakura’s neck toward them. She is able to break the spell and wake up only to find her Clow Cards are sill crystal clear and nothing has changed.

8Back in England, Spinny (one of Eriol’s guardians) informed Eriol that Ruby Moon (the other of Eriol’s guardians) has been insisting on returning to Japan. She’s been sensing danger of some sort, but Eriol isn’t returning Sakura’s message. He knows what is happening, but doesn’t believe it is the right time to act. Instead, he and his wildly helpful familiars, will be staying the England and watching the action from afar- at the very least, we know the situation is not Eriol’s doing. However, Eriol does seem troubled. It makes me wonder what the siginificance of this event is if Eriol, the reincarnation of Clow Reed, is nervous.

Though our pace this epode is a little faster, we are still working slowly toward our goal of learning who the robed person is.  There isn’t any downturn in quality, and you still have to be impressed with the detail of  Sakura’s sealing magic. I’m not sure if learning who this person is will give Sakura any leverage, but it’s possible that it would at least put her at ease. There isn’t a lot of action this go around, but based on the tagline for the next episode we should be betting some good Sakura fight time.


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