Series Review: Girl’s Last Tour


Very little life remains in the world after an apocalyptic war reached conclusion only a few years in the past, and cities remain vacant with only robots as caretakers. Chito and Yuuri ride their kettenkrad, a small German tank-like tractor, as they ascend the sprawling, stacked city levels.  The girls wonder about the technology and relics of the past, sharing experiences, feelings, and imagination through their adventures in this post-civilization society.

GIrls-Last-Tour-1I remember shopping for manga in the summer and seeing Girl’s Last Tour as a recommendation at the time. I had no idea that I would see the anime on the fall TV list. The globule style and simple, smooth animation on the show bring the comic to life in the most perfect way.

If you think watching two teen girls wander the wasteland would be boring, then get ready to be wrong.

Girl’s Last Tour uses it’s odd cuteness to help endear the viewer to both the characters and the very strange universe they exist in. We have just as many questions about the now dead world as Chito and Yuuri, but learning alongside them is fun and interesting and adds a new sense of wonder each time you start a new story.


As for plot, except for the last two episodes, Girl’s Last Tour tells two separate stories each episode. Though the shorts happen sequentially and reference previous adventures, they feature a different theme like memory, war, and music. Each segment features long looks at the living dead landscape or cities, leaving the viewer to notice to lack of animals and noise in an eerie show of life after an apocalyptic war.

GRT_01_003_512x288_00Watching Chito and Yuuri grow over the season is oddly satisfying, like watching a child slowly pick up a skill you teach them. The girls remain relatively cynical, for good reason, but their feelings and passions evolve over their months pictured. It’s comforting to know that no matter what hardships the girls face, they will be able to persevere using their adaptability as demonstrated.

Most notable, besides the moderately adult themes of death featuring adorable girls, are the long looks at horizons and landscapes where the animation team allows the show to breath and take a moment to simply be there. Landscape views aren’t something you always see since they take up “valuable” time, but they are the most important part of any show, in my opinion. Not only are you given some location geography, but you are given a look at what the characters are seeing; that is humbling.


Long spans and quick looks with the girls make Girl’s Last Tour truly enjoyable and one of the best entries in the fall 2017 season.


Girl’s Last Tour is an exploration of life and how we view it. The use of simple art and animation add to the beauty of the show, especially when the animators let it breath. Girl’s Last Tour is really something to behold with a masterful execution of story, observation, life, and love wrapped in disarming cuteness. I seriously can’t suggest you watch this show enough.

Grade: A


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