Series Review: Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World


Picking back up 15 years after the first anime, Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World, returns us to the wonderful world of Kino’s Journey where a boy named Kino travels with his talking motorcycle and a trusty sidearm. Kino continues to visit wonderful and unique countries, learning about culture and customs and humanism. Kino stays only three days in each country he visits which is enough time for him to learn what he needs to before setting off on another adventure.

Kino_(Kino's_Journey_the_Beautiful_World_Ep_1)Having never seen the first Kino’s Journey and after hearing it’s praises for years, finally getting a chance to see a version of the story was quite the treat. That sounds weird, but you don’t need to watch the first season from 2003 to fall in love with this continuation. Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World does a masterful job of introducing (or reintroducing) you back into Kino’s fascinating world of countries and adventure.

Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World is largely episodic, with only a few threads working through the season (which makes this review short). Because of this, there isn’t a lot for me draw on besides the interesting nature of each country, and Kino’s master’s influence on them all. Instead of doing a blurb on each country or episode, I’ll call out my favorite: episode eight- Country of Radio Waves.

img_ep08_06Almost every country has some sort of basal social commentary or interesting backstory, but Country of Radio Waves really piqued my ears with it’s critique on blaming the past for the current conditions. There is also the undercurrent of an unwillingness to learn and grow in this country that is becoming a common issue in today’s society. Plus, there’s some great art and animation action here that help sell the setting. I really found this to be one of the best stories in the show this season, and if you are looking for a quick look at what makes the anime great- check this episode out.

The art and animation in Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World is seriously solid. There are subtle changes in style and coloring that work for each story the show tells, and the anime knows when to just let characters or scenes breath which adds to the pure enjoyment of both the storytelling and the animation as a whole. The show is truly relaxing to watch, even during the more tense country visits, and I believe this show has the some of the best examples of animation work this season.



Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World is a beautiful, solid anime that is my top pick for the season. Every inch of the show is well animated and drawn, and every story and plot line is woven and performed interestingly and well. I’m actually blown away by how great this show was, and I think you will be too. This is a great starter anime, even as a second season, and I would highly suggest you show this to any friends who may be interested in getting into anime.

Grade: A


Wanna check out Kino’s Journey – the Beautiful World? It’s on Crunchyroll!

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