Thoughts & Feelings Column: The Reflection- Episode Eleven


We are back to the action this week, which means we are moving along to the end of series (finally). It’s been a long, strange trip, but it seems like all our suffering has paid off in setting up Wraith’s very interesting plan.

Now what I didn’t expect that Eleanor was hit with both kinds of Reflected, the Brightstar and the Darkness, during the incident. It seems that Ethan is either a part of her subconscious come to life through guilt, or maybe the show is claiming the old adage that twins are always connected. Whatever the case, I doubt we going to get a concrete answer by the end of next episode, so you can assume whatever you like.

I personally subscribe to the subconscious idea.

In order to gain full control over Eleanor, or so Ethan states, he had to slowly remove bits of Eleanor from himself. At the end of the day, Ethan cannot force people to give into Darkness- they have choose it for themselves. X-On constant reckless abandonment of Eleanor was the largest contributing factor to her downfall after she realized that X-On truly didn’t care for her. Being pushed from person to person her whole life and being shown no real loving commitment caused Eleanor’s depression to seep into the reality that no one wants her around. Ethan took advantage of his sister’s depression and absorbed her essence, like he seemingly did to many other Reflected.

aAt the end of this explanation, the cool stuff happens. Remember the Allen family that was the focus toward the beginning of the show? Ethan asked some of his henchpeople to take them out to the middle of the White Sands Desert in New Mexico. The group of people are in some sort of daze or trance was likely induced by a Ethan lackey. Just as Ethan ends his conversation in the basement, the group of Allen’s begin to moan with mouths agape. Glowing green lines envelop the reflected everywhere (including Wraith) and everyone blips to the desert. 

Things to note about this blip:

  1. Only Reflected currently residing the United States were affected by this.
  2. There were only 500 recorded Reflected in the U.S.
  3. No matter what kind of Reflected you are, the teleport happened

After the transfer to the desert, X-On (and company) meet up with Ian who gives the group information on the situation on hand via his Jarvis-like A.I. When the group is done staring out at the mass of bodies, they walk over to the circle of Allen’s- all but Nina died during the teleportation operation. We learn here that all the Allen family members received the teleportation gimmick during the Reflection, and we also learn that this is how Nina was extracted in LA. Makes you wonder why they didn’t teleport her sooner.

cEthan has been standing at the top of a dune for some time now, and I-Guy grows upset with the quiet unrest. However, just as X-On pleads that Ian wait to see what Ethan will do, Stan Lee-guy speaks up and uses his will to calm everyone in the vicinity down enough for Ethan to begin his speech.

It’s not a good speech, but it gets the point across. Ethan says that they all must change the world to a world of Darkness and everyone must offer up their powers.  I could be wrong, but I believe Ethan gains more power the more people he absorbs, and he wants to take over the world using the power he gains from absorbing other Reflected. It’s a genius plan, but the execution reveals his plan to be far too transparent. It’s a wonder no one has caught on at this point.

dJust as some people start to leave, not caring for Ethan’s ideals, word reaches X-On about ARS’ pending arrival. The army is coming to break up the mass congregation of Reflected with a set of fully (impossibly) armed helicopters. Ethan’s plan is fully set in motion when his gum henchman uses his powers to cause a helicopter to begin shooting into the crowd of Reflected. A logical chain reaction happens, and soon the entire desert is a battlefield.

Though our heroes try to mitigate the disaster, almost every attempt ends with failure as the heroes tend to cause more harm than good. As the fighting continues, Michael notices that all the Brightstar Reflected are beginning to turn the purple color of the Darkness Reflected because of their anger. And finally, just the before the curtain falls on this act, Ethan strikes impatiently with Emperor Palpatine electricity and sucks in the powers from all the Darkness Reflected.



Sadly, or maybe happily- depending on how you view it, the idol girls seems to be getting setup for the final battle as a set of trump cards since they are the only ones (besides our main cast) not affected by Ethan’s magics. Furthermore, since Ethan and company don’t know that these girls exist, they can launch a wonderful surprise attack to throw the battle in the favor of good because I think we all know that X-On and company cannot handle this on their own.

The Reflection is finally wrapping up at an interesting pace, though it still leaves a lot of be desired in regards to story basics and animation. I’m practically praying for a good wrap-up, but since there were only fingerfulls of good scenes in this show, I won’t hold out too much hope. I do love that the idols are finally being used, but I also feel upset that it’s taken THIS long for their utilization. X-On and company have a lot cut out for them in the finale.

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