Thoughts & Feelings Column: Princess Principal – Episode Ten


Straying away from the previously character-centric stories of the last few episodes, Princess Principal chooses to focus more on showing us how Dorothy and Ange have affected another person in their lives. This isn’t as impactful as Dorothy’s father, but it’s very close in execution. Dorothy is constantly subjected to the terrible reminder that spies can’t have emotion.

The girls featured in this episode are Dorothy, Ange, and Beatrice (to give us that perspective character). Chise and Charlotte stay back at the school where they are only seen once in a brief aside showcasing Chise adding her culture to the school.

1In this particular operation, the spies are supposed to secure some documents in First Lord of the Admiralty’s estate on Christmas Eve. Their contact, Prefect, was an only classmate of both Dorothy and Ange back at the spy “Farm.” Like Ange, Prefect, was the top of the class- only seconds behind Ange in all things, and like Ange, Prefect is very critical.

Prefect is working in the Lord’s estate as some sort of secretary; it’s here that she has the ability to help Team White Dove. Prefect leaves a window unlocked, and after she catches Beatrice and makes some noise about Bea not being a good spy, she leads the girls to a part of the manor with a view to the cellar compartment that houses the needed documents. Beatrice demonstrates her own skills by creating a dog whistle effect using her throat augmentation gaining a very slight bit of respect from Prefect.

3The mission is considered a success, so the girls (including Prefect) head to a restaurant nearby for drinks and reminiscing. Not only do Ange and Prefect have quite the rivalry, but they both seem to dislike each other quite a bit- which goes beyond a simple school one-upmanship. However, just as the girls were beginning to come to terms, Prefect leaves for the bathroom. She looks visibly ragged, and she seems to be taking some sort of drug.

While Prefect is gone, Ange and Beatrice abscond to Prefect’s quarters. As it turns out, the girls weren’t there to secure documents from the Lord’s manor, they were there to investigate Prefect who is under suspicion as a double agent. Though the girls find nothing in Prefect’s bedroom, Ange purposefully leaves behind footprints in Prefect’s trap to make her move. It works.

When Dorothy and Prefect leave the restaurant, Prefect rushes to her dorm room to find Ange’s steps in her trap. Noticing that she was right in assuming the girls were there for investigation, Prefect leaves quickly while the spies watch from across the way.


Our girls are hot on the trail, as always, and Ange jumps from hiding in a very suspicious way. There’s a bit of a tussle that allow Prefect to get away and foil the plan to capture her before she got on a train. Now, the team is forced to follow the train in their car and board. Prefect is running ragged again, and we see her pink drug get use again. Dorothy hops onto the train and makes her way into Prefect’s quarters while Ange sits outside with her gun on the window.

Where’s Beatrice? Crashing the car.

5During Dorothy and Prefect’s solo scene in the restaurant, we learned that they and Ange had an exam on Christmas Eve that Prefect royally toasted by losing their target. When Ange ran off to find the target so they didn’t fail, Dorothy took Prefect to the funfair.

Dorothy was always kind to Prefect, and because she was well-rounded, beautiful girl – Prefect looked up to Dorothy and always wanted to be like her. Prefect was told what to do and how to do it all her life, and Dorothy was a free spirit who was able to do whatever she pleased without consequence. To free Dorothy from the sadness of killing a friend, Prefect shoots herself in the head on camera, making this the most graphic scene in the show thusfar.

It’s very jarring- as it should be.

6After the ordeal, Dorothy confides in Ange, asking if this is what Ange meant to do when she messed up the previous plan. It seems that Ange had interfered to make it so Dorothy wouldn’t have to kill Prefect herself. Times like this make me revere Ange’s genius, and pity her kindness.

Finally, when Ange and Dorothy return to make their report to Control, we see that “L” is gone and replaced with “General” who is now making the calls. His first assignment for the girls is to assassinate Princess Charlotte, and the last few seconds are as loaded with tension as you think they would be.

Removing the focus from the main cast and focusing on a separate party to add more depth was a solid move, especially considering the new orders from Control which will likely throw everything into chaos. I’m worried about Ange since she will likely not attempt to kill her best friend, and I truly hope Dorothy will understand when the time comes.


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