Thoughts and Feelings Column: The Reflection- Episode Seven


The Reflection pushes the story forward while harboring itself in the safety of the main cast. I get more and more worried each week that this show will finalize the season on a cliff hanger or a rushed end card. While a lot happens with main troupe of heroes this episode, Ian is the focus as we return to exploring his immature tendencies and selfish behavior.

I-Guy takes the lead after crashing into the Allen beauty salon, but is easily trapped by Steel Ruler in a rebar Thunderdome created from the buildings around the area. However, I’m not quite sure why Steel Ruler didn’t use I-Guy’s own suit against him…actually, if she had broken his spirit just a little, maybe Ian wouldn’t have made such a fool of himself throughout the rest of the battle.

aEleanor takes I-Guy’s distraction, and flees with the Allen’s. What ensues is a myriad of one-on-one’s between X-On, I-Guy, and all the villains in-between that attempts to escalate and impart a sense of urgency. Unfortunately, this all falls flat, and I was instead annoyed at the characters involved for not being competent in any way compared to the villain team. For all claims to greatness, X-On only manages to keep bad guys occupied, similar to I-Guy, for a short period of time instead of incapacitating them in any way to prevent near-future issues with them.

The Allen’s and Eleanor end up trapped in a seedy parking lot where, yet another, Furry-type villain immobilizes Eleanor while his partner traps the Allen’s in a black sinkhole. Just as the situation looks bleak, a convoluted scene occurs. What I believe happened is that Maggie actually had some sort of teleportation power that she used on her daughter to “blink” her out of the black pool.

Where Maggie’s kid was teleported to, I have no idea, and everyone (including the villains) act as if she is lost to the Earth. It’s also possible that Eleanor attempted to move the women from the black pool, but failed and only teleported the daughter- again, who knows where. Regardless, the villains no longer cared about getting Maggie and the black pool disappears as Maggie is halfway through the tarmac.

She dies instantly.

It’s pretty messed up, and definitely the most gruesome thing we’ve seen so far in the so.


Just as Steel Ruler and company line up for a show down with the “heroes,” their leader calls them off, stating that they have enough of what they need to proceed with their plan. After their exodus, our team is reunited with Jim, and X-On informs Ian that he prevented X-On from saving the Allen’s, and cites Ian’s cockiness and overconfidence as the reasons for I-Guy’s ineptitude. However, I believe that it was more X-On’s own inability to be useful in any way, shape, or form. We never once saw I-Guy directly impeding X-On’s fight.

After everyone (except the Allen’s) make it safety, Eleanor confronts X-On about her meeting with Wraith. X-On’s only response is how she will make great bait, and you see Eleanor lose her mind as she storms off to “act as bait.” Our Phoenix Force Scott Summers-look-alike has some pretty obvious social issues, but he also seems to lack any sort of empathy or respect for this girl who has quite literally abandoned her life for him and the Allen family.

Just before the episode ends we see and Steel Ruler meeting on a corner. I wouldn’t be surprised if Eleanor joins up with the villains next episode; they would likely treat her far better.


In the meantime, Ian had his own problems. After he arrives home, he instantly complains that the suit is too cumbersome and he shouldn’t even be in a suit that takes four people to assemble. Ian then leaves in a tantrum to play his guitar on the side of the street. It’s during this wonder example of Peter Pan Syndrome that Wraith appears before Ian. Wraith says to Ian that he was fulfilled many roles, and that he should retire as a hero. Wraith also offers to take Ian’s future into their hands if Ian wishes to continue because Ian’s brand of fool is just want they need- a “Hollow King” who simply listens to empty orders.

cIan is able to shoo away Waith with some words I wouldn’t personally use with them. Then, just as Wraith takes their leave, Ian senses dangers and rushes home He finds his four crewmates/friends dead in the studio with their latest creation ready for Ian’s use. It turns out that Ian’s old producer built a Kit-like car (that possibly transforms into body armor?) in anticipation of Ian’s need to self-sufficient in the suit. It’s sad that Ian has lost his friends, but hopefully he will use this as an opportunity to become a fully-fledged person.

This show has an uncanny ability to get us further down the plot-line without actually moving us anywhere. There’s always this looming stagnation, and I have to blame it on the director who isn’t all that great at action or quick pacing- at least according to his previous works. However, now that we have Eleanor in the perfect position, I am interested in seeing which way she will sway as her idol continues to let her down, abuse, and use her.

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