Thoughts & Feelings Column: The Reflection – Episode Six

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It turns out that an episode of The Reflection isn’t complete without a good ‘ol town hop. This time the crew moves from New Orleans to San Antonio to Los Angles. Though The Reflection still has to learn that focusing too much on disposable characters halts meaningful progression- we are finally making way into the climax. This episode manages to keep a better balance between cast members, and remind us how little we really know about Eleanor who may become quite the key player toward the end of all this.

At the top of the episode, Michael seems to be taking some responsibility for his mistakes in holding Reflected in the swamp mansion, though he still fails to admit that he basically kidnapped them. However, partly because he feels responsible for the loss and partly because he and Vy have nowhere else to go, Michael and Vy join up with our trio of heroes to find the next Allens.

2Eleanor is able to pinpoint where most of the Allen family hails from, and the crew drives down to San Antonio in an attempt to save the remaining family members from Wraith’s group. Unfortunately, none of our friends are successful in securing an Allen. Vy and Michael lose their Allen to a lizard man, Eleanor loses her Allen to a man who an project a cloning-like technique on people around him, Lisa loses her Allen because Lisa’s wheelchair powers are oversized for indoor use, and X-On loses his Allen to that Manbat guy he fought in New York in episodes one and two. To top off their failures, the news is misconstruing the team’s efforts as a part of some Reflected uprising/terror network.

X-On, obviously tired of the wild goose chase he has involved himself in, calls a friend who puts Eleanor’s sleuthing to shame. Jim is able to pinpoint another Allen in San Antonio with the last name Fisher, and, after Eleanor throws her fit, informs the team that people do get married and change their last names. Now, I’m wondering how many of the Allen family we missed and how many leads weren’t actually leads because Eleanor was looking for people with the last name “Allen” not people within the Allen family…

Our heroes, and Jim the Detective, arrive at a barber shop to speak with Nina Fisher. Instead of finding Nina; however, the group discovers Nina’s mother, Margaret, who is a ripe rude woman. Maggie is possibly the most interesting character in the whole series thus far because she is given such a big personality, though this takes away from our main subjects as the show focuses too much on Maggie’s distaste and later reconciliation with her daughter.


We learn that Nina has moved to LA in effort to escape her hometown, and so our team heads out to save Nina. Unfortunately, the bad guys are hot on the trail and follow the group as they make their way west. Jim (I’m assuming because he is likely the smartest guy in the room) executes a plan to swerve their stalkers with much success. Vy, Michael, and Jim take Eleanor’s car as a decoy as the rest of the group run Maggie to LA in Jim’s car. Maggie is merely along for the ride to help Nina, though, I do want to point out that there is no way Maggie would actually know where Nina was since they haven’t spoken in 20 years. It’s a little suspect.

4On the way over to LA, Eleanor is visited by Wraith via some sort of telepathy. Here, he talks about how “the Darkness” wants the Reflected to become one, and how Eleanor is a key player in this. Wraith is speaking as if Eleanor has the potential to be a bad guy, and let’s remember that she has been awful curious about the orbs and smoke ever since X-On told her about personality pre-dispositions in regards to the Reflected. Furthermore, we never saw how Eleanor looked through Michael’s eyes despite being given numerous story opportunities to see her (when he first explains his power, for example).

Eleanor’s constant questioning of herself, curiosity about power-colors, and the fact that we never saw her through Michael’s eyes makes me believe she was affected by the purple smoke. This would also give credence to what Wraith mentions in passing during the car ride. Seeing Eleanor struggle with herself would be very interesting, especially if her saving grace ends up being X-on (if he was affected by the smoke).


Maggie and Nina are reunited in LA, and both reach an understanding with each other which would be sweet if the scene didn’t draw out quite so long. However, lucky for us, Steel Ruler drops in on the party and offers Eleanor a choice to surrender or fight. As the fight begins, our dear friend Sky Show –just kidding– our dear friend, I-Guy crashes through the roof to join the exchange as the episode ends.

Overall, this episode was a step back on the right track for The Reflection. It’s a great mix of mystery and light action very much befitting a TV show. We have gotten quite the nice tee off the final encounter, too, and I’m hoping we can keep this pace up for the remainder of the season.

Now, before we go, let’s check in with our idol girls! There’s a quit tidbit featuring the girls in a WacDonald’s looking a little worse for wear. They are talking about their school trip involving an airplane trip and their planning for it. It seems like it wouldn’t be fitting for a high school, but maybe the school trip is to Los Angeles? I have a feeling these girls are involved in the final act in some way, or they wouldn’t be featured so prominently. If the idols aren’t going to the U.S for a school trip, then I’ll be pretty upset.


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