Thoughts & Feelings Column: The Reflection – Episode Three


The Reflection makes an effort to proceed with the plot this episode, but I’m still left a little confused why we are following such a stretched lead across the United States.

Kitty Pryde-girl’s name is actually Eleanor, which I swear wasn’t mentioned before the end of this episode. It’s actually bothered me that we didn’t have a concrete name for this young lady until now because she’s obviously a big part of this story. I didn’t find it mysterious that her name was barely mentioned, just rude. She didn’t even get a chance to introduce herself to X-On before he spirited out her window last time.

1Regardless, Eleanor starts out this episode where we last left her, staring intently at the Times Square footage where Wraith may have appeared. However, it’s likely that it’s been a few days because X-On has returned and Eleanor has also researched two missing girls, one in New York, and a cousin of the New York victim in Dayton, Ohio.

What ensues next is an interesting ride that I honestly have no idea why it’s considered a lead. Eleanor sees that two girls went missing at a similar time stamp to when Wraith maybe appeared on a camera in Times Square. There is some footage she found in Dayton that shows some sort of Galactus shadow that seems to connect the two. However, not fully knowing Wraith’s powers, I have to wonder how he is able to make a 9.5 hour journey in minutes. Even the flight between the cities cuts it close.

It’s possible the creators of The Reflection don’t quite understand how far these cities are from each other, and distance is common misconception shared by anyone viewing/visiting a foreign country; however, even if the cities were within the time frame needed for execution- why does it matter? The shadow in Dayton and the Wraith figure in Times Square share too little common features to be the same person.

Furthermore, what evidence is provided that, even if both figures are this Wraith fella, the disappeared girls have any connection? None- it’s all terribly tangential and related only by a small time stamp in the bottom right corner of some video footage. I find this whole situation concerning, and I really hope we don’t make story leaps like this in the future. There are other, more sound, ways to jumpstart a plot.


Anyway! Eleanor is forced to leave her apartment because it seems to spontaneously catch fire. X-On mentions how this is the doing of the fire starter on Wraith’s team, then he refuses to let Eleanor come with him to Dayton to track down Wraith. This is the start of a long string of X-On treating Eleanor terribly even though she offers him nothing but help, and I have a lot to say about that.

X-On puts Eleanor in danger by asking her to look into Wraith, then tries to abandon her when her apartment is caught on fire because of her digging. He then dogs on her all the way to Dayton as well as when they arrive, calling her useless every step of the way. He literally put a kid in danger and refuses to take responsibility even though she has given him more information on Wraith than he has ever been able to gather on his own. I can feel that this is supposed to act as comic relief, but it comes across as anything but. It’s actually doing a terrible job of characterizing X-On as anything more than a petty asshole- which is likely not the point. There’s a difference between well written rude characters and just rude characters.

I do wonder if this is a result of attempting American-style comedy without being from this culture, and if you look at X-On in that way- well, it makes a lot of sense.

iThe rest of the episode revolves around Lisa, a wheelchair bound girl with a ton of ambition and skill. Kitana-bad-guy and her lackey are apparently out to capture and awaken Lisa’s hidden powers from the Reflection. Based on this, we can assume that the two missing girls from the other day were also victims of Wraith’s kidnapping in an effort to expand his forces.

During this episode’s battle, Lisa let’s lose her power that transforms her wheelchair into a much, similar to a robot toy she had a child. Lisa’s powers seem to enable her to project what she wants, in a way, so later she is able to fly up to save her father. However, after the altercation and Lisa’s awakening, Kitana-girl reports that they were successful. It would seem that Wraith wishes only to awaken the latent powers of individuals, and I assume his motive to saturate the population so that the Reflected are no longer a minority.

bSince this lead led to a dead end of sorts, Eleanor and X-On will have to find another way to track down Wraith. However, I wonder how long it will be before Wraith realizes the potential in Eleanor and attempts to turn her favor. Considering how terrible X-On treats El, I wouldn’t find it surprising if she did turn coat.

On a happier, less sarcastic note, those adorable idols overseas were participating in an interview about their powers at some sort of regional facility. Hopefully we will get some movement on their end soon.

Overall, The Reflection did a good job pushing forward with the plot albeit I found it all a little sloppy; I’m sure the show is just trying to get its footing at the moment.


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