Thoughts & Feelings Column: Princess Principal – Episode Four


Instead of residing in the past this episode, Princess Principal forces the story forward in the current present with all the girls (including Chise) in action. There’s still a fair bit of suspicion on Princess Charlotte, and Control may have an inkling of Ange’s loyalty to the princess as all dealings with the Princess’ allegiance are secreted through Dorothy. I do wonder when we will get more information on Chise, but what little we are provided through this round is enough to satiate my impatience for now.

xxI was a fool to think that Ange’s cavorite ball was one of a kind, or that the same idea of the ball wasn’t in production elsewhere. As it turns out, the Kingdom of Albion had established a top secret unit to manufacture a cavorite orb which is defined has a miniaturized cavorite control unit. While you obviously wouldn’t want the enemy to have such a powerful weapon, (especially one that can grant flight and super strength) the C-ball also presents the possibility of the invention of larger scale gravity weapons that would decimate both the Commonwealth and the rest of the world given the Kingdom’s personality flaws.

Given the circumstances, largely the Princess’ ability to act as a mole, the girls are assigned the mission to recover this C-ball. With Charlotte attending the C-ball unveiling party with her “school friends,” Dorothy watching Charlotte for signs of a double agent, and Chise just plain being suspicious, we have a solid play of intrigue and mystery.


Because this particular mission will deal a huge blow to the Kingdom’s military potential, Control believes that if Charlotte is a double agent she will act accordingly during this proceeding. However, as we all know, Charlotte isn’t a double agent, but even as her innocence is proven later- Control still holds her under a spyglass. Later, Dorothy and Ange exchange a glance that makes me believe that Dorothy has either told Ange about Charlotte’s suspicion or Ange has plain figured it out at this point. Likely, Ange is simply a smart cookie and understands Control since Dorothy doesn’t seem like the rat-type.

Back to the party, Chise is left behind to guard Charlotte as she’s the most reliable fighter in the group. However, Chise looks upset with the situation, and it seems like she wants to be a part of the action. There is an aside with her handler that reveals her real position is to test the waters and see who their country wishes to side with in the war- the Kingdom or the Commonwealth. I believe that the girls understand Chise’s position and do trust her, but it seems that Chise doesn’t think her co-workers feel that way. It’s a little sad, but understandable consider all their positions in this game. Charlotte has caught onto this trepidation and offers to help with the final fight of the night to stop any tension in the ranks which was terribly perceptive of her.


Before we make it to the boat takeover, however, the trio of Dorothy, Beatrice, and Ange fail to recover the C-ball below the mine unveiling party. Apparently, the Kingdom spies had discovered there was a mole in the science operation and chose to move the entire laboratory the night of the unveiling party for fear of Commonwealth interference. Ange is able to recreate the entire room using dust and her cavorite ball to learn that the lab was on the move. After which, she gathers her friends for a foray on the now mobile lab which resides on the aforementioned boat.


The girls successfully take this mobile lab, save their Commonwealth mole, and secure the C-ball with relative ease. We are finally told that the official team name for our set of spies is Team White Pigeon, and this makes me wonder if maybe Japan doesn’t have as negative a connotation for pigeons as most of the Western world does.

Again, Princess Principal delivered with a fun, interesting episode. There isn’t a concrete plot at the moment, though maybe we are just still working under the idea that Ange is doing her best to make Charlotte queen.  I assume we are still waiting on Chise’s backstory, but I can wait for that if we can get more story out of this and a look into a solid reason why we are here.


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