Thoughts & Feelings Column: Princess Principal – Episode Three


As the episode begins we are given a rare look at Ange’s emotions; she admits that now that she and Charlotte has successfully fooled Control (Ange’s higher-ups) and almost begs Charlotte to run away with her. Unfortunately for Ange, Charlotte still holds the promise they made as kids dear- she wishes to be queen. Charlotte legitimately wants to make Abilon a great and peaceful nation again, and she believe that with Ange’s help that this is possible. Here, Ange concedes and promises to deceive the world, Charlotte, and even herself to guarantee Charlotte’s accession to the throne. That’s some dedication to a very old promise.

Now that we have a solid reason for Ange and Charlotte’s current relationship as well as Ange’s behavior, we can move forward with more understanding of the these girls. What’s most interesting to me is Ange’s dedication to her role and how little she cares for her own life and personality.


The story picks up directly after Charlotte joins up with our spies. Dorothy barges into the Princess’ room during a morning combing from Beatrice, requesting they and Ange speak about the next mission. Beatrice remains a holdout who doesn’t want to join the spy game, and as such she is very upset that Charlotte is involved in this whole ordeal. Actually, Beatrice is relatively on the mark in regards to Ange’s original plan- though late. After Ange mentions she would take the Princess’ place if worst comes to worst, Beatrice freaks out and views this as confirmation that the Commonwealth wishes to kill and replace Charlotte. Smart cookie.

dDuring this altercation, Beatrice’s voice fizzes out and becomes robotic. As it turns out, poor Bea was experimented on by her automaton-crazed father- her voice box was replaced with a mechanical device which requires significant upkeep and a calm mind to maintain. In the first episode we saw Beatrice creating a man’s voice with her mouth, and now we know how.

We move on after Beatrice’s breakdown and murder-plot “realization,” to the site of this episode’s spy operation. Beforehand, the girls were briefed on the Duke of Normandy’s plans to steal the Commonwealth’s currency plates to begin mass producing currency thus causing severe financial instability. Honestly, this is such an extra plan that really drives home the Duke’s obsessive and terrible personality- if that wasn’t already clear after episode two.

The plan is for the girls to board the zeppelin-like plane and destroy the plates so that the Duke is unable to use them for his own gains. Dorothy and Charlotte are able to complete their portion of the operation, but just as Ange is diving into water filled tunnel to board the zeppelin, Beatrice jumps in to finish yelling at Ange. Luckily, Ange is a kind girl at heart, so she saves Beatrice. After from convincing, Beatrice even agrees to help Ange finish the operation.

fThroughout the boarding operation, Ange constantly impresses Beatrice with her abilities. However, Ange is struck by lightning as she crawled across the ship to reach the currency plates which exposed the strategy. The cavorite Ange uses to produce death-defying stunts begins to overheat which creates immediate and impending danger in the situation. The rock has potential to explode when overused, and to prevent this reaction Ange will sooner stop utilizing the cavorite.

Beatrice is almost caught by the soldiers, but in a feat of courage, she uses the cable Ange was attached to as a zipline. While it’s not entirely certain if this is the reason Ange ends up hurt, or if it was her overuse and subsequent abandoning of the cavorite, Ange is terribly hurt when Beatrice arrives in the cargo hold. Ange is able to impart her love for Charlotte to Beatrice who finally sees that there is true care in Ange’s voice for the Princess. Instead of taking the out and abandoning Ange, Beatrice uses her voice box to trick the soldiers behind the door before they blasted open the chamber and killed the girls. After successful destruction of the currency plates, Ange and Beatrice parachute down together to safety after a mission complete.

gAt the end of it all, Beatrice and Ange have established common ground in some ways. Now the girls will be able to work together to protect Charlotte, and Ange now has the added bonus of this powerful voice box that likely proves invaluable in the long run.

It’s important to remember that these girls were not friends or co-workers since the inception of the spy team. We are given a great look here at Ange’s early emotional state after meeting Charlotte for the first time in years, and how Beatrice finally agrees to help the Commonwealth. Creating a common ground for these two to work in was a great idea, though I am worried about Ange’s dedication to her work. If there is some dissension in the ranks and Control wishes to take out the Princess, would Ange keep her promise to Control or would Ange keep her promise to Charlotte?

Overall, episode three of Princess Principal is well executed, though being stuck in this series of prequels is a little rough since we a taste of what it’s like to have these girls work in unison. I do understand that we have one girl left to introduce, but I’m hoping that she makes it into the scene we will be able to move back to the present time.


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