Thoughts & Feelings Column: Princess Principal – Episode Two


We begin this episode by seeing Ange when she first transfers into the Queens May Fair School. She’s taken on a character that is timid in nature, sweet, and the top of her class. It’s actually very adorable to see the stone-faced Ange acting like Yuki from The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato.

1Ange meets her partner, Dorothy, immediately after introductions, and it turns out that the girls knew each other from their time at an orphanage. Dorothy is acting the part of a young teen even though she is about 20 twenty years old, and after you’re told about it- it’s terribly obvious. No one around the girls seems to notice this age difference though which speaks more to Dorothy’s good genes than her spy skills.

After the re-introduction of Ange and Dorothy, we get our mission: Capture the Princess of the Kingdom of Abilon and create a mole in the royal family. The Princess is merely a Princess of Air, fourth in line of succession for the throne without any political backing or power whatsoever, but she is able is move freely within the royal family and converse with the Duke of Normandy which would give the Commonwealth spies a severe advantage. Now, when I first saw this debriefing, I was under the assumption that they would be seeing where the Princess stood in regards to the political situation and use her as a mole; however, later it’s heavily inferenced that Ange was to take the Princess’ place after killing her.

2Ange and Dorothy decide to attend a dance where the Princess will be to make their move. What’s interesting here is that Ange makes this decision after seeing an advertisement for the dance without first requesting from her superiors for confirmation on if this was the best course of action. Both Ange and Dorothy are obviously experts and highly respected and trusted despite their young ages to the point where they are given a considerable amount of leeway and charge for jobs.

Just before the girls make their approach to their target, they are given emergency orders. The MP is in attendance, and he is defecting to the Kingdom with a key for a set of valuable documents. Ange doesn’t want to drop her chance to meet with the Princess, so she plans to do both using a glass of red dye.

9From the first episode of Princess Principal, we know that Beatrice is a part of the spy team, but before she joins up, Beatrice is the Princess’ only friend. I’m not sure how Beatrice managed to get aquatinted with her, but however it happened it has provided enough loyalty for Beatrice to garner suspicion toward anyone attempting to get close to the Princess- namely Ange and Dorothy who approach the Princess directly.

Ange is able to spill her drink on the Princess, but not before the Princess sees through Ange and Dorothy’s ruse. Acting like she will be able to clean the dress quickly (and she is because the dye is water soluble), but this is a cover for Ange to dress as the Princess and begin the operation to get the MP’s key.

4It’s terribly uncanny how much Ange looks like the Princess, and it fools everyone. After Ange is able to get the MP on the dance floor and away from his handler, she lays in on him about his failing health and other reasons for his defection. The MP gives in to Ange, possibly because of her lie to defect his wife later if he returns the key, and he hands her the key to the documents. Unfortunately, the Duke of Normandy arrive shortly after the exchange. He notices the MP’s trepidation and shoots him in the stomach with plans to extract information from him later. The Duke then calls for a search of the party for the key, under the guise of searching for the weapon that shot the MP.

It’s during this scramble that the Princess tells Ange and Dorothy that she knows they are spies. The Princess informs them that she wants to be queen so she can return this nation to its former agreeable state, and that she is willing to sell out her kingdom to do so. Because the Princess has nothing to lose in the situation, especially since taking her life is now off the table, she threatens to expose the girls as spies if they don’t comply.


Ange convinces her superiors via a cavorite sphere that is acting as a morse code device to allow the Princess to live and become a live mole in the royal family. This changes the Commwealth’s plans, but only slightly, and the spy network agrees to allow the Princess to join considering their options, one of which includes Ange’s promise to kill the Princess should any suspicion as a double agent be placed on her. Ange transfers her communication device and the key to the Princess just before the Duke begins his search on the girls, and since the Duke sees no need in searching the Princess- the key is successfully captured.

7Finally, at the end of the episode we learn that the Princess, now we know is named Charlotte, knew that Ange and Dorothy were spies because Ange slipped her a small note explaining such. Futhermore, Ange is actually Charlotte and Charlotte is Ange. Back when they were children the girls pulled a switch and traded places since they looked so alike. I will keep referring to Ange as Ange and Charlotte as Charlotte, though, to avoid any confusion switching their names around would cause.

Way back when the girls first met, Ange promised Charlotte that she could become queen, and Charlotte still holds onto this promise today. It’s fascinating that these two did such a big switch, and I really have to wonder why it even happened. I know the reasoning won’t be revealed just yet, but I hope we get it sooner rather than later because this will help shed light on Charlotte and Ange’s true intentions and motivations in life; these girls are already relatively complex characters two episodes in.


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