Thoughts & Feelings Column: Twin Angels BREAK – Episode Twelve


This is it! The moment we have all been waiting for! The resurrection of the evil demon lord, Zelucifer! … Is what it’d like to say, but the actual final battle is a little hectic and Zelucifer never has the chance to fully rise to power. Not a lot actually happens in this episode in terms of a final climatic battle. In fact, the battle has more to do with Meguru’s internal conflict than the fate of world.

It’s everyone’s own opinion if this is good or bad, but considering this new angle of destruction was introduced in the last few episodes- it’s understandable how the ending here is handled. I don’t much like it, but I understand that the idea works.

aWe start out at the Kisaragi Shrine with Oginome pouring more medals into the pond to resurrect her beloved. Sumire is hot on the trail with her new friends, the Twin Angel trio of Kurumi, Aoi, and Haruka, but just as the girls are reaching the end of cave a robotic John Gurabashi appears. The original Twin Angel stay to fight while Sumire runs ahead to save her dear friend.

Oginome seems to have planned for Sumire’s return, though she is still surprised to see her and summons large red tentacles that suck out Sumire’s power. Zelucifer is slowing rising from the pond in the background when Sumire frees Meguru from the containment pod (after recovering from the power drain). At this point, Oginome doesn’t care much at all about the Twin Angel because her plan is working, so she simply doesn’t realize what is happening behind her.

dSumire relates to Meguru that she has done nothing wrong, that being a hero and making people smile is a wonderful thing, and to believe in herself. When the girls hold hands, a bright light engulfs them and we get a glimpse of the past. However, it’s really only a glimpse which is kind of terrible. We aren’t given anything new other than when the girls touched hands when they were small the pond whirlpooled, but them holding hands also save their lives. It’s not the seed of destiny I had hoped it would be.


Sumire and Meguru use their hand-holding power to lock Zelucifer’s blob form in the pond long enough for the original Twin Angel to use their super attack to banish him back beyond the mirror. In a fit of sadness and rage, Oginome kills herself to active a large ship (the very ship that the butler mentioned last episode) that blasts off into space to destroy the Earth from orbit.

The old Twin Angel lose their powers, so it’s up to the Twin Angel BREAK to save the day. Sumire and Meguru’s hand holding power give them black Tales of Symphonia wings and some sort of breathing bubble to compensate for the lack of air in space. I actually really appreciate the use of this air bubble as a person who hates when things like this are overlooked in media.


When the girls make it to the ship, they find out that Nui and Vei’s cores were implanted in the ship and are causing the machine to self-destruct before it can blow up Earth. Meguru has another breakdown, but the twins are able to bring her out of despair by assuring her they loved her and their time together. The girls make it back to Earth safely and continue their lives with their new friends, Haruka and Aoi.

iThere’s some backend items to consider after the summertime ending montage, however: a mysterious man finds an ant with a similar butt to Ogniome and the Twenty-Eight’s doll cores on the beach. From what little we see of this guy, I assume this is Zelucifer and we are set up for an additional season- funds pending.

As a whole this episodes works in two ways: it ends the story in a satisfying way and it sets up the potential for another season. Twin Angels BREAK suffered from stagnant characters further stagnated by their dynamic counterparts leading to a very slow start to the meat of the series. I appreciated the lack of focus on the first Twin Angel team since I’m a new fan, but I felt that the character building for the new team should have been either more in depth or accelerated so we could get more action and story time.

jThere was nothing spectacular about Twin Angels Break in regards to animation or design, but I don’t think this was detriment to the show. I believe that TAB worked very well within the confines of “normalcy.” And, while I would have appreciated some stellar bits, I think we can all agree that the overall message and general enjoyment TAB brings is enough for a sequel no one expected. This isn’t to say I am excusing the mild overuse of still frames over the last two episodes, though.

If you are looking for a simple magical girl show that gives you humor, weirdness, and cute ladies- this is it. In a time where most magical girl shows strive to be terribly different and seek some sort of horror aspect it’s nice to be reminded that not all magical girls are cursed or unhappy. However, this lack of specialty and directed appeal to the niche Phantom Thief Twin Angel fandom brings Twin Angels BREAK to a subsection of “it was fun to watch, but it could have been much better.”

Rating: C


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