Thoughts & Feelings Column: Twin Angels BREAK – Episode Eleven


I have developed quite the soft spot for Twin Angels BREAK, but no amount of pure affection can mask the subtle frustration I have with the pace of these last few episodes. Our last act is being drawn out, and it feels slow compared to the breakneck speed we had toward the beginning. While TAB has been taking its time since the halfway point, I am noticing an even slower crawl at the end here. The expression pauses and general banter would have been better served cut down and replaced with action scenes or even preserving the final episode as a fan service “thank you” with the extra time saved from removing the extraneous material.

That being said, this episode retains the enjoyable nature of the show so far and I have little to mumble over past the point of drawing out the conclusion.

aWe pick back up as Sumire and Miruku make their way to ChiiChi Island. They are ejected from the plane since Nagatsuki can’t land, but somehow make it down with a parachute. Miruku has sky-dived before, but I doubt Sumire has had any training on the subject. I’m surprised they lived.

Before the poorly timed plunge, Nagatsuki gives the girls some information on a submarine (likely the mobile base for our bad guys) on the way from Tokyo to ChiiChi Island- though any follow up on this ship will likely happen during the final battle- if there is follow up at all. It really seems like this information was offered to help the viewer understand that the showdown will be on ChiiChi Island.

The deeper the evil, the more powerful the medals according to the big bad. As such, Oginome doesn’t play fair (like a good villain), and uses Sumire’s presence to drench Meguru into further despair. Sumire is projected onto a TV screen where she can see Sumire fight the resurrected John Gurabashi. Megu is filled with sadness and regret as she blames herself for Sumire’s pain and wishes she no longer existed.

cUnfortunately, Meguru is deep in the grips of self-pity when Billy arrives to save the day which may have helped Meguru realize not all is lost. On a side note- Billy doesn’t seem as unbearable and perverse as he was in his first appearance, which means his exile from Oginome’s group did him good.


As Billy takes the brunt of Gurabashi’s attacks, Sumire skirts past and into the secret base. She makes it to this point so quickly that you have to start to second guess how easy this is going to be; I was under the impression there would be some Indiana Jones homages in the cave, for example.

eOf course, just when you realize Sumire has gone too far without a second trap- two metal arms attach to her ankles fixing her in one position as the chamber floods with water. Ogniome presents Sumire with a dilemma- she can break out of her bonds to save her own life and race to Meguru’s aid, but doing so will cause the previous Twin Angel, Haruka and Aoi, (who are now statues in the same Alien pod as Meguru) to detonate.

It’s a tough situation, but the days spent with Meguru have taught Sumire the benefits of kindness. Sumire knocks a convenient vent open and forces Miruku to leave her. Sumire believes Miruku can make it through the vent to save Haruka and Aoi and get back in time to save her. This was a dangerous decision that could have killed both of the girls; however, Yuito’s pigeon guides Miruku to the previous Twin Angel in a stroke of extraordinary luck. I swear, Yuito has a very high luck stat to survive all his near-death experiences.

Miruku struggles to bring her statue friends back to life, and barely manages to save them in time to free Sumire from the water tomb. There is a great bit of fan service for those who watched Phantom Thief Twin Angel- which makes me feel in the minority since I didn’t know about this eries until this season. The old costumes are just adorable, and with the transformation sequence, the way the skirts pop out is fun.


During this episode there are a few mentions of Sumire and Meguru’s past, but nothing quite so concrete as a full-fledged flash back from either girl. From what I can gather, Sumire was visiting the Kisaragi shrine with her mother when she was very young, and Meguru was possibly playing at the shrine even though she had been told not to. The girls seem to have fallen into the lake behind the shrine which acts as mirror to the demon world, and they are saved by some force- possibly their own then latent Twin Angel powers.


I’m sure this development will be discussed more in the next episode since it’s only teased slightly here. After eleven episodes, we can hazard that Twin Angel likes to flesh ideas out the best it can, and this likely an event that will bring our girls victory and further sisterhood.

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