Thoughts & Feelings Column: Twin Angels BREAK – Episode Ten


It’s time to get things going, and this episode does just that. We kick off the climax with Meguru’s beautiful kindness soured by regret and despair. There are few things worse than seeing a cute girl cry, and seeing that cute girl pretend like nothing is wrong is one of those worse things. It’s seriously heartbreaking. Through it all, Oginome takes advantage of Meguru’s weakened state and her separation from Sumire to kickoff her plan.


It’s the day after the ill-fated concert and no one who attended (besides our Angels) remember what happened at the event. There’s a cloudy fog over the class’ memories, and every time someone mentions the Twenty Eights, Meguru flinches. Concerned over Meguru’s disposition and chest pains, Sumire takes Megu to the Nurse’s’ Office. Oginome uses her demon vision to reveal a black hole where Meguru’s heart should be. All the pain and guilt from losing her friends has manifested into evil.

The tipping point for Meguru is when Sumire attempts to console her. It’s all too much, and poor Megu can’t see the twin’s death as anything more than her doing and a terrible consequence of her forcing her feelings on others. Meguru truly cannot see why the twin’s death was not her fault.

Obviously, it’s not. However, let’s think about where Meguru is coming from for a moment. It’s easy to dismiss her claims as an overreaction, but in order to better understand her headspace we should step back for just a moment.

hMeguru is by nature a very emotional young lady. She feels loudly and her kindness is the truest form of altruism I have ever seen. Happiness around her makes her happy, and she will strive to make anyone who is sad smile. Meguru is a really great kid, but she hasn’t ever felt real sadness or frustration in her life. This may be in part due to her family history where her parents kept her content to prevent any evil from growing within, and it may also be due to the small-town island life she once led. Either way, Meguru has always breezed past frustrations with no consequences because no one ever took her kindness lightly- eventually Meguru would be able to reach the angry person and they would understand her pure intentions.

That was not the case with the Twins, and it wasn’t for Meguru’s lack of trying. She was able to get the Twenty Eight’s to understand her and turn away from their life of crime, but Oginome was the factor that Meguru didn’t account for. Acutally, even if Meguru was able to account for Ogniome’s interference, Megu would likely have failed, too. The issue here is that Oginome isn’t empathic like most humans- she’s a psychopath. There was no way that Meguru would have been able to appeal to any side of Oginome that would have let the Twins live since the Twins were simply her pawns in the first place.


The Twin’s death is Meguru’s first experience with true sadness and regret, and as such she has no coping mechanisms. If you have ever experienced a death, you will understand where her emotion is coming from. An adolescent mind doesn’t deal well this sort of trauma, and a mind that has never been pressured can’t handle the negativity from the situation.

All of this combined has accelerated Meguru’s darkness exponentially.

jAfter Sumire attempts to console Meguru, Meguru runs away and collapses from chest pain in an alleyway. It’s here that Oginome finds, kidnaps, and spirits Megu away on a boat to ChiiChi island. Meguru awakes in a large pod that looks a lot like the cryo pods from Alien. After Ogniome explains to Meguru about her cursed history and her black heart, she beings to feed coins into Megu’s darkness to create super medals that will awaken Zelucifer. As the medals pass through the hold, Meguru is sticken with intense pain. Oginome is, in essence, torturing Meguru with this medal creation.

gMeanwhile, Sumire is invited by Nagatsuki (the weird old man from a few episodes ago) to an estate where two previous Twin Angel are living. We learn about the Messengers of Heaven, the three heavenly families, and how the Amatsuki family was tempted by demons and thus cursed. These are very basic, straightforward answers to all the questions we had, which I really appreciate. Though, it would be nice if we weren’t subject to these intermittent information downloads.

There is an interesting item that everyone glazes over; however, and that is the mention of a Messengers of Heaven branch in Italy. This means that there is at the very least one other section of this organization which means that there is possibly more than just two Twin Angel in the world. That’s just cool to imagine. There’s a whole league of Twin Angel out there.

kJust as the old Twin Angel finish their peace, Sumire makes her argument that she should be the one to save Meguru. Nagatsuki agrees and after a brief moment, Sumire is being flown over the sea in the Avengers jet to save her best friend.

We had a pretty solid episode this go around, the only downer is that Billy has shown back up right at the end. It really reminded me of a huge misstep in the series, but I’m hoping he will be able to redeem himself by exacting revenge on Ogniome and help out Meguru. There’s a few more episodes left, and I’m wondering if we will have to fight both Zelucifer and Ogniome- or just Oginome. Part of me is praying for the former.


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