Thoughts & Feelings Column: Twin Angels BREAK – Episode Nine


If you wanted a fast paced episode of TAB– I would suggest waiting just a week longer. Episode nine deals with more Meguru and Veil’s ill fated relationship with a small bit introducing the Twenty-Eight’s exit from their evil ways, and as it sounds this isn’t a quick process. There some inkling of Meguru’s growth as a person, though there’s enough teasing to give us a taste, we miss out on any significant expansion this round.

bWe last left Meguru who was in a mad dash to see Veil who had called in sick to school once again. Megu is worried that Veil believes no one cares for her because she is an android. It doesn’t help that Nui is locking his sister away in their apartment for his own fear that Veil is too fragile to bear further human contact. Luckily, Veil loves Meguru so much that she manages to run outside just before Megu gives up on seeing Veil. Through the following conversation I believe Veil finally understands that not all humans are the same, and that most people (at least in Japan) would be accepting of robots walking among them.  

However, the shared compassion is short-lived as Nui catches the girls talking and (again) takes Veil away in a flurry of frustration and emotion that wouldn’t normally befit a robot. It’s Nui that finally informs Megu that she and Veil are star crossed enemies, and that Sumire likely knows this as well. Neither Veil or Megu are terribly emotional when they learn that they are at odds with each other- it’s more of a slow realization that hurts at the core.

cThough, I’m really glad they didn’t get upset. Veil and Megu just accept this fact and understand that they have to move on. Veil proceeds to tell Megu that they are collecting medals to become human- and with this information, Megu’s brain kicks into gear.

dWhile Nui is wondering why Meguru doesn’t see metal, the Twin Angel is planning out how convince the twins to stop fighting for Oginome. This brings up the very interesting fact that Meguru and Sumire both know that Oginome is the big bad- which is really odd because I don’t remember them ever finding this out. If they did, and I have to assume it happened at some point, found out that their nurse is their enemy- why wasn’t there bigger reaction? I understand the twins reveal being downplayed, but Oginome should have had quite the effect. Especially since she is a teacher in the school.

Meguru is on a mission to meet with Veil, and is able to find her at the same crepe stand the two visited a while back. It’s not like there are a ton of choices in regards to where gVeil would be, but it does show initiative and love on Megu’s part. Megu truly wishes for the twins to stop helping Oginome and promises to help the twins find another way to become human as their grandmother had wished.

Of course, Nui ruins the party once more, but this time Veil doesn’t take his attitude lightly. She begins to cry and eventually tells him that she doesn’t want to fight anymore. It’s here that everything begins to get just a little to saccharine sweet- even for Twin Angels BREAK.

Oginome agrees to let the twins go after they perform one final concert for their loving fans, and there isn’t a medal collection fight at all in between these events. The twins are on their way to recovery and enjoying their time with friends. Even Sumire and Nui are becoming close through their own mutual understanding of their kind-hearted partners. The two are very similar in nature just as Veil and Meguru are.

It’s honestly very nice to see everyone so happy for once- nice, but creepy because you know the entire time that Oginome won’t let the twins go so easily.


As she mentioned before, Oginome wants to extract power from Meguru, and the Twenty-Eights’ final concert is the perfect stage to being her plan. During the only song the idols seem to know, Maguro Tuna, Oginome begins sucking life from the crowd. The twins and the Twin Angel escape the concert to attack Oginome.

iFour on one isn’t really fair, but it’s effective, and this grants the Twenty-Eights and Twin Angel an edge in defeating Oginome. However, when the battle looked to be over- Oginome revealed her trump card: Veil and Nui’s self destruct button.

We learned earlier in the episode that Ogniome was the one who found the discarded matryoshka dolls, and we have to assume that she is the one who built the machines that brought their souls to life. I didn’t think that the twins would have a self-destruct button, though. It’s actually very odd that Oginome would value her own creations so little that she would blow them up- unless this was her plan in the first place. Again, Oginome may be far smarter than I give her credit for.

Oginome’s plan is to use Meguru’s power to bring Zelcuifer back to life. With Meguru weakened by the loss of her friends believe herself to be the underlying cause, Megu will be very vulnerable to any actions Oginome may take. It’s likely that Megu is in considerable danger. We may see her break down, and for the first time experience some type of character development. I’m personally hoping to get more information on her cursed bloodline before the end of the show.

On a side note, at the very beginning of the episode, Nui mentions that he is going to purchase some strawberry jam from the store. That’s very odd since he was upset with Veil eating crepes since they can’t really eat food… I suppose he was trying to make her feel better, but I don’t see the point in eating if you can’t taste or digest it.


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