Thoughts & Feelings Column: Twin Angels BREAK – Episode Eight


This episode of TAB has quite a bit going on, and I felt that we should have more time dedicated to explaining the Twin Angel backstory. We are given a tidbit of information with Nasty Knight’s adventures, but most of the story is focused on Sumire hiding her feelings from Meguru and Nui pressing Veil to never see Meguru again. The lack of actual battle isn’t made up for in plot progression, and this is possibly the weakest episode so far in TAB with too much focus on static characters attempting to interact with dynamic ones.

1In the previous episode, it was revealed that Nui and Veil are matryoshka dolls repurposed as androids. How or why they were turned into androids still hasn’t been explained, but we do know that their time with who Veil calls her “grandmother” had a profound impact on who they are today. This old woman was very lonely and would often talk to the dolls in the hopes that her words would reach them. It’s not known if Veil and Nui were able to communicate or move in any way before the woman died, but after her death we are shown people condemning the twins as creepy dolls with wills of their own. Which- to be fair- is pretty creepy. We have whole movie genres dedicated to how scary that can be. After the twins were almost burned- they were able to become androids by wishing to be human. Or, at least that’s how it’s presented to us at this time, though I’m sure we will see how they got bodies soon.

4From this experience, Nui feels abandoned by humanity and believes that all humans hate what isn’t normal. Which is understandable considering his near-death experiences. However, Veil represents a more innocent side of the coin where she sees that people are willing to accept them for they are. Nui is simply worried about his sister, so during this episode he bans her from seeing Meguru in the hope that Veil won’t experience the sadness of someone abandoning them again.

Nui also manages to fully confirm that Sumire is a Twin Angel after a staged attack meant to draw the girls out. I’m not sure what he plans to do with this knowledge since he hasn’t divulged anything to Oginome. It’s possible he plans on defeating the Twin Angel team and taking all the coins himself to ensure his and Veil’s human transformation. I would probably do that too since Oginome is less than trustworthy.

bSumire has also caught on to Nui, but since her suspicions began as jealousy, she is reluctant to share this information out of fear that Meguru will misunderstand. Sumire has had quite the shift in personality in that I believe before she met Megu, Sumire would have told anyone that she believed Nui and Veil were the bad guys. Megu seems to have made Sumire very feelings-conscious and confrontation-adverse, which isn’t always a good thing- especially in this situation.

It really bothers me that Sumire doesn’t feel comfortable sharing any information with Meguru, and I think this hinders them as a team. While we haven’t had any issues in battle since the girls became strategic geniuses, the lack of communication speaks bounds about them and could cause potential harm in the future. For example: if Sumire doesn’t tell Meguru that the Twenty Eights may be bad guys- Meguru would end up corned, alone, and in danger if she is spending time with Veil. It would be very easy to overtake her.

The episodes ends the conflict with Veil saving Run-Run from a truck, but managing to damage herself so that she is revelaed to be a robot to Megu. This isn’t a problem, and we all know that Meguru won’t let this affect her friendship, but the potential of Megu hating Veil causes Nui and Veil to flee the scene as Nui reminds the girls to never speak with them again.

During the entire episode we have some information cropping up about Nasty Knight. Fortunately, Yuito was never actually brainwashed and was simply harming young people to get information and free himself from Oginome’s grasp. It’s great news, but also a little terrible since he did have to hurt people in his position.

eWe learn through Yuito’s trek on Megu’s home island that the Kisaragi (Sumire and Yuito’s family) and the Amatsuki (Meguru’s family) families were actually rivals of some sort. The Amatsuki’s betrayed the messengers of Heaven (seems really heavy…) and became known as a cursed bloodline. As such, they were forced onto a remote island where they took a shrine from the Kisaragi’s. In this shrine, which Yuito manages to find, is a box. In this box is something of value, and we learn that Oginome knew about the shrine, Meguru’s Twin Angel status, and Yuito’s failed brainwashing all along. She’s smarter than I gave her credit for, and Yuito pays for that with a real defeat. Though, I doubt Yuito’s dead even if he was shot just because he seems very beloved by Miruku and is likely an important character in the first series. He’s just a strong kid.

It’s likely that Oginome knows more, and if her treatment of Yuito is a pattern- I am worried for the Twenty Eights and our girls. Oginome looks paranoid at this point and I think she realizes that there is dissension in the Twenty Eights. Though the accident may help Veil respond positively to Nui’s views, I doubt she will fully give up on friendship. Sumire understands the danger she and Megu are in at this point, and hopefully how outclassed they are by the Twenty-Eghts. If they can’t manage to beat the twins, there is no hope for their success over Oginome- and I really can’t see how they will win that fight, personally. I’m really praying that the girls can come up with a super-power-up item because these last battles don’t have a very positive outlook — especially if Oginome brings guns again.



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