Thoughts & Feelings Column: Twin Angels BREAK – Episode Seven


It’s about time for seeds of the final arc to pick up, and we won’t be disappointed with this episode’s reveals. While Twin Angels BREAK doesn’t spend as much time on comedy this go-around, there is enough seriousness building from the Twenty Eights and Oginome to keep us engaged and potentially ignore the villain’s previous slip-ups. This episode does a good job of focusing on Nui and Sumire’s separation from their partners, but remains just a tad slow on advancing our plot seemingly using Meguru’s altruism as a crutch.

Oginome doesn’t seem to understand that Meguru is a Twin Angel as I had assumed she would, but she does find Megu’s spiritual power subject. So, Oginome calls up her Nasty Knight for a home visit to Megu’s island off the east coast of Japan. Nasty Knight is supposed to investigate, but I’m not sure what exactly the investigation will entail. Is he supposed to attempt medal collection on Megu’s family since she likely comes from a strong spiritual pedigree? Or, does Oginome wish to capture family members to elicit a ransom from Megu? We won’t find out until at least next episode, but it’s still interesting to consider. At this point, we don’t have a ton of time before the series ends for the season, so Nasty Knight’s adventure will more than likely spark a great climax.


In regards to Nasty Knight, it seems like he can still take form as Yuito because we see him as he leaves town. When Sumire and Megu meet him, though, Yuito is obviously very different from before and oddly dismissive of the girls. They don’t seem to notice the change in her personality, but it seems obvious to me based on how he’s interacted with Sumire and Megu previously. Yuito isn’t normally so kuudere, but instead just a calm, cool sweetheart like his sister Sumire with compassionate emotion that seems lacking from the new, robotic Yuito.a

Later, Meguru recounts to Miruku about the encounter and we learn that she was already told that Yuito may be Nasty Knight by Nagatsuka (the weird guy who helped Megu in the previous episode).  Megu’s explanation of Yuito’s earlier behavior seems to dispel what Nagatsuka told her, but as viewers we are blessed with omniscience- and we know that this isn’t true. However, I’m most upset that Megu was so blind to Yuito’s state. I understand that she can only see the good in things, but it’s a little frustrating.

dNasty Knight and Oginome take the back burner in this episode; however, and the Twenty Eights are again in the spotlight with Veil and Nui attempting to blend in with school life. Veil tries out all the clubs and is a sports ace, as expected from a battle hardened girl. We don’t see what club Veil intends to choose, but since Megu is the sewing genius of the home ec club- I can assume that Veil will join that one just to spend more time with Megu who is teaching the values of altruism to Veil. What’s interesting is that when the two are getting crepes later, Veil confides in Megu that she is very much like her grandmother who was only ever kind to her.

Nui becomes obsessed with Sumire after she overhears Nui’s dismissiveness of the Twenty Eight’s fanbase. He follows her to the spear club she is a part of and ends up in a sanctioned battle where Sumire wins. This turn of events helps him understand that she is the purple Twin Angel, and I wonder if he had an idea that she was a TA when he saw her ignore him after his outburst. It’s in Sumire’s personality to not care much about others, so this isn’t something that is Twin Angel specific (because Meguru would certainly care) but I assume that Nui may believe so. Regardless if his train of thought was incorrect, it did lead him to the correct conclusion.

There is one final point of business for this episode that is the most important reveal ofe the show so far- Veil and Nui are androids created from matryoshka dolls. All I can really say is that I’m not surprised when I look back on it, but I also wasn’t expecting such a reveal about these kids. It seems they believe that medals will help them become human, but it’s likely that this is a lie fed to them by Oginome. I hope they realize that before it’s too late.

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