Thoughts & Feelings Column: Twin Angels BREAK – Episode Six

b.pngThere’s a quick bit of business we should discuss before really delving into what happens during this episode, and it’s about that little sausage dog: Rin-Rin. I guess the girls got to keep that dog. Which raises a TON of questions about the dog, the man who owned the dog, and Miruku. None of which will be answered- or at least I highly doubt they will be. What’s interesting is the lack of explanation for Rin-Rin’s sudden appearance. The show seems to just assume we are cool with it since Miruku used Rin-Rin as a parachute friend in the previous episode, but it’s really odd that the dog wasn’t picked up it’s owner later. Also, Megu doesn’t NOT recognize the dog, she only asks if it’s okay that Rin-Rin stays there. Is Rin-Rin Megu’s dad’s dog?

Alright. Let’s Go!

Oginome meets up with Nasty Knight aka Yuito just after he attacks a young woman walking home late. Nasty Knight is whom I thought was Misty Knight, and it’s at this point I realize I’m not crazy. I think that the person who was translating the show beforehand made a few mistakes with Yuito’s and his evil self’s name in the previous episodes. I had been waiting for Nasty Knight to appear this whole time, not Misty Knight (as I’ve continuously mentioned). There is no way I would have misread “Nasty” as “Misty,” I’m happy to report my sound mind.

nasty knightAnyway, Oginome meets up with Nasty Knight after his prowl to retrieve just one medal from the fallen girl. We learn that while only medal is garnered per person, a medal retrieved from a person with high spiritual power is more valuable and powerful than a medal from a normal citizen. Oginome’s plan is to use Nasty Knight to find persons with greater than average spiritual power to take medals from.

That’s actually very smart. While it’s likely coming from a place of lethargy since it’s Oginome’s plan, the idea is solid and less time wasted on smaller candidates is more time spent getting quality energy.

aThere is a very creepy aside here where the Twenty Eights mention that they haven’t met this Nasty Knight, yet, and would simply like to do since he is now a part of their evil order. Oginome says that’s he’s already in his room and taps her seat… I’m not sure if these means that Nasty Knight lives in her chair, lives below her chair, or is her chair. All of those options are very strange. It’s better that TAB doesn’t explain it because later Oginome is surprised to see Nasty Knight having nothing to do with her chair. We have no idea where Nasty Knight’s room is, and neither does Oginome who is supposed to have full control over him. It’s all very unsettling.

Speaking of the Twenty Eights, Veil and Meguru meet on the town and there is a great game of “straight man” between the two. Veil doesn’t know anything about the world, so she ends up making a ton of mistakes. Luckily Megu is there for Veil and teaches her all she needs to know about crossing streets and proper trash disposal. Veil is so taken with Megu that she is excited to see Megu at school when Nui and she decide to attend the academy above the Four Heavenly Kings hideout. c

Unfortunately, Megu becomes consumed with attending to Veil and begins to neglect Sumire without realizing it. Since TAB was keeping a funnier air this episode, we didn’t see any outburst from Sumire- just mild frustration. I really doubt this will turn into anything more considering the two girls are such great friends, but it’s possible that Sumire may jab at Megu later if Veil continues to be the center of Megu’s world.

dAt the end of the episode, we have a strange man that Miruku seems to know from the past and Meguru patrolling the streets for the Nasty Knight. No one knows that this individual attacking the spiritual mediums is a Twin Angel villain, but I think it should be relatively obvious since the poketen (weird GameGear thing that Miruku owns) is reading each time Nasty Knight attacks- it’s silly that Mikruku doesn’t get suspicious until Megu sees the Nasty Knight in action.

After Megu and the strange old man encounter Oginome and the Nasty Knight attacking another bystander, Oginome mentions how she is going to test Megu’s spiritual ability to see how viable a candidate she may be for medal collection. The old man seems to recognize Nasty Knight, as well, but we don’t know if he’s told anyone about Yuito. It’s likely that the old man has kept it secret since Yuito being turned may dishearten Miruku to the point of giving up. I’d like to think she would have enough faith in her new Twin Angel team, but Miruku is very emotional.

fAs promised, Oginome calls Megu into the nurse’s office and hooks her up to a very 50’s-looking machine. After the machine blows up- Oginome sends Megu out. I’m not sure if the machine simply read that Megu has exceptional power, or if Oginome was able to discern that Megu is a Twin Angel. Either way, I do know that Meguru is going to be attacked by Nasty Knight soon.

I’m very excited to see if TAB will continue with the comedy, or turn back to the generic magical girl play-by-play next week. I believe the creators have finally worked out kinks with the characters and feel comfortable enough to give the villains more screentime. Now if we can just get an explanation about Rin-Rin…

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