Thoughts and Feelings Column: Attack on Titan Season Two – Episode Thirty-One


It’s episode 31 which means we are almost halfway through the spring season. It’s not quite time for recaps, but AOT takes about two minutes to remind us what happened in the last episode. Considering there was no real precedent set before now for the cold open it’s really not a huge issue, but I did find the idea a little surprising since it’s only five episodes into the new season. I suppose I’m just wary of lollygagging with AOT since we had so many years without it.

I really enjoy my Thoughts and Feelings columns because they give me a chance to jump to conclusions only to have those conclusions proven wrong the next episode where I have to face the facts that I made a mistake. It’s fantastic and actually pretty funny. Ymir totally isn’t dead! She’s just missing some limbs like Edward Elric, but overall Ymir is xpulling through since she’s a titan-person. Thinking back on it, there was no conclusive evidence that she died from the titan brawl- I just felt like it would be a good ending for her arc…

Since Ymir is still living, there is bound to be some discussion as to what to do with her. Ymir hid her titanage from everyone, so it’s right for the higher-ups to view it all as suspicious. Honestly, it would be very strange if they didn’t.

Luckily, Hange and Levi are the first commanders on the scene, and because they have accepted Eren- it’s not too far fetched to believe they will forgive and accept Ymir as who she is. Historia/Christa is nervous, though, and pleads Ymir’s case to Hange during the futile search for Wall Rose’s hole.

bI suppose Hange’s team wanted to double check, or at least didn’t think to ask, the other two scout team’s work on Wall Rose. Her team, like the rest, finds that there is no hole in Wall Rose to patch up. Everyone, again, dodges the larger question and conclude that since they have injuries they should all return to Trost and think about what this means. Armin begins his deductions immediately, and will likely come to a correct conclusion by the time they get home. He’s a very smart kid, after all.

Since Eren’s titanism was revealed in season one, I wondered who the Colossal Titan actually was. I wouldn’t have guessed that it was Reiner. I also wouldn’t have have guessed that Berholdt was the Armored Titan. That’s a huge reveal that is played cool and as if it doesn’t matter so much- even Eren attempts to move on from it and continue home (after the initial shock). Of course, this actually matters quite a bit.

There is also an aside where we see that the scouts have done research on Annie’s history, and learned that both Reiner and Berholdt come from the same area as Annie. No family records exist for any of these candidates- which isn’t all that surprising since a lot was lost during Wall Maria’s attack. However, the similarities between the three and the encounter with the Female Titan (Annie) during the field run in season one lead Hange and others to suspect Reiner and Berholdt of working with Annie in some way- there are just far too many coincidences. Hange requests Eren and company keep an eye on the boys to watch for suspicious behavior; however, who would have guessed that Reiner would come right out and invite Eren on his Colossal Titan adventures.

We’ve actually seen and grown to care for both the titans that destroyed Wall Maria and killed Eren’s family. Now that we care about these titan-people, it’s going to be far easier for us to understand their point of view when we learn what that actually is. Some tidbits are hinted at with mentions of going home and homeland as well as the ending song cards, but I’m not confident enough to fully commit to any theory as to why exactly the boys attacked.

Following the big reveal, there is a tense silence after which Reiner loses his cool and attacks. The episode ends as Eren transforms out of Berholdt’s hand into what I assume will be a very bloody battle.


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