Thoughts & Feelings Column: Twin Angels BREAK- Episode Five

School trips have slowly become such a norm in school-based anime that you really notice when there is no trip in the show- much like a beach or pool episode. Twin Angels BREAK makes up for last episode’s Billy blunder by treating us to an adventure to Okinawa, one of the the most famous anime school trip locations. The beginning of this installment presents a Yuito red herring, and much to my disappointment there is no appearance of the Misty Knight here, though I do believe we have enough fun with the Twenty- Eights to make up for his meandering.

aBeing a magical girl relies a lot on your ability to remember your transformation tools- Sailor Moon with pens/compacts, Madoka Magica with soul gems, and Do-Re-Mi with their musical candy wand-things. The Twin Angel use small egg-looking items that are called compacts (for the first time, I think by Megu later in the episode). Megu leaves hers at home under the bed as she leaves for Okinawa. While most the action involving Twin Angel have remained within the confines of the girls’ school until this point, it would stand to reason that trouble may follow them across the sea so one should be prepared with their handy compact.

Luckily Miruku notices that Meguru forgot her compact and begins her quest to return the item- just in case there is an issue abroad and to chastise Megu for forgetting the most important piece of equipment she owns. This is the first time I realized that Miruku has no other way of transportation besides her own tiny, four feet. I had assumed that 1she could fly or teleport if needed using her magic ability from when she was the White Angel. This is apparently not true whatsoever, and Miruku has to take human transportation just like the rest of use. However, with humanity comes error, and Miruku is given a ride to Hokkaido instead of Okinawa. Literally the opposite direction of Okinawa.

Miruku manages to trek to Sapparo before meeting a dog named Rin-Rin who shows her some snappy men boarding a plane to Okinawa. I may be stretching the thread of believability here, but it’s possible that this is Meguru’s father? Run-Run was Megu’s proposed name for Sumire’s adopted dog which is the same breed as Rin-Rin, the mysterious business man’s dog. Furthermore, when Miruku arrives on the scene, Rin-Rin parachutes down from the airplane with her. I know I wouldn’t let my dog parachute out of my plane with a strange hedgehog if it didn’t have something to do with my3 daughter… Of course, this series of events may have been just a comedic look at Miruku’s experiences.

While Mirku is on her way to save the day, Megu, Sumire, and the rest of the girls enjoy their trip in Okinawa. The most fascinating point about this being that the girls have virtually no oversight from the teachers. During most school trip episodes, we see teachers dictating activities and discussions of free time because while the trip is meant to be fun- at the end of the day, Japan is a very education-focused society and these school trips are educational. We only see teachers later when the girls attempt to appeal to their easily seduced homeroom teacher who only agrees to let them attend the Twenty-Eights concert after Onigome (still masquerading as the nurse) wiggles her boobies. It’s such a strange idea to me since I’ve gotten so used to consistently seeing organized school trips in anime until this point.

This brings me to the points of the episode I really liked: the Twenty-Eights. These kids are likely from Russia, based on their look and song, and learned to carve tuna for their headlining number. This is all the information about the group we are given, and it’s really enough to get their gimmicky idol-ness across. In a world where idols of all kinds exist, it’s not unheard of that such a group would be wildly popular for at least a short time. I would be a huge fan, myself. It’s such a great shtick.


Nui and Veil are very kind and patient when they are not sucking life the from their patrons, and it looks I was correct in assuming they collect medals from their concerts- of course, that was such an easy call. The twins are formidable foes with gun arms which tosses the Twin Angel BREAK on the ropes. However, our heroes are unable to make any sort of comeback before the twins escape in a cyclone of medals.

5This was a far better episode than four, and I really appreciate that they mention how Billy was kicked out of school for faking his age even though I believe he should be arrested. We have a few more questions raised, and a lot more bonding between Sumire and Meguru. I’m really happy the girls have taken to each other so well at this point, and it’s going to make the finale boss easier for them to defeat.

On a side note, I’m not crazy, right? Sumire’s brother was Yuto the past few episodes? Because when I watched this on Sunday, the subtitles said “Yuito” not “Yuto…” I probably just missed the “i” in his name until now, though… embarrassing.

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