Thoughts & Feelings Column: Twin Angels BREAK – Episode Four

This week introduces us to an older male character who preys on young girls, or at least he begins to prey on young girls and eventually falls in love with a cross-dressing boy. We should all be reminded that Twin Angels BREAK takes place in a middle school with middle school girls as the protagonists, so featuring an older male character attempting to infiltrate and court young women is not okay. This sort of idea would only be funny if the male student was not trying to get the girls to fall in love him; however, TAB takes the low road in an attempt to make this character a comedic scapegoat.

It doesn’t work, and though I was disgusted, this problem didn’t ruin the episode. I am going to breeze over his specific arc, though. There are a few interesting things regarding aBilly the chuunibyo scientist, but overall his worldview is trash and the creators shouldn’t have let a possibly 25-year-old man masquerade as a 12-year-old.

Billy is a failed scientist who attends a literature focused college. He is upset that no women will like or speak with him even though he is a self-proclaimed genius. In in genius, he promises Onigome that he will find the true identities of the Twin Angel BREAK that reside within the middle school above their heads (literally). Billy believes his older man charm will allure the children, but that doesn’t work and he becomes distracted causing him to call out the wrong girls as the new Twin Angel. Onigome finds out and kicks Billy out of her society of bad guys. Which- was probably a good move since he was a pedophile.

The most interesting thing about Billy’s brief arc in this episode is how it reveals nothing we couldn’t have learned through other means. All of Onigome’s explanations could have happened under many other circumstances, and any comedy between the girls can easily done without Billy. He was entirely unnecessary -it’s fascinating.


Moving along!

Early in the episode, Onigome mentions how youth are a constant source of energy (coins), so they can be harvested and provide medals for them almost continuously. It now makes sense why she chose a school for her evil deeds, and it’s simply a coincidence that the Twin Angel BREAK attend that same academy.

dIn the same way, the Twenty-Eights twins are idols of some sort (they actually remind me a lot of Rin and Len) that are able to harvest medals from their concerts. It’s really interesting how these bad guys have developed methods of mass medal harvesting with very little backlash. The economy of it all is something to behold, and I can’t help but root for them a bit. If the current Twin Angel were not around, this society of bad guys would be able to flourish with little to no damage to the world around them, honestly. Especially if they are continuously taking their energy from youth who recover so quickly. Miruku said that the people would become prickly, but if the energy replenishes I don’t see how the detox provided by Twin Angel really helps much. It’s like purifying spring water.1

There’s also a little aside with Sumire’s handsome brother this round, lending credence to my predictions. Sumire and Miruku both notice Yuto’s absence, so it stand to reason that he was the Tuxedo Mask character that Onigome fought. Though both girls are upset about the disappearance, it’s been about week according to Sumire, we see later that Yuto isn’t dead but captured in a similar-looking prison to that of the original Twin Angel. In that same prison, Onigome foreshadows some basic plot where the Twin Angel BREAK will have to fight Yuto who will become Misty Knight.

Despite the Billy addition to this episode, TAB was a good watch this week. It explained some of the world’s rules and how harvesting these coins work- to an extent. I’m excited to see what the twins can do next, and I really hope we get to Yuto in action next episode. Sumire and Meguru have gotten very comfortable in their current positions, so we need to shake it up.

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