Personal Update: Planet Comicon!

Planet Comicon was this past weekend, and I this year instead of just attending as a fan- I volunteered all three days. I was most interested in seeing how the con runs behind the scenes, but I also got into the event for free- so I save a ton of money on a three-day pass.

This year I toned down my print purchasing (since I have way too many) and decided to look for big ticket items. I found some great figures and DVD’s that I couldn’t pass up, and even though I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything on Saturday I totally bought more things Sunday.

First, check out the figures I procured. First was a series two Nadeko ($50), and the second was the Asuka x Rody ($25)! Guys. I’m crying. I may have overpaid for that Asuka a little, but I have wanted her for a long time because I had missed her initial release somehow. And, who can pass up that adorable Nadeko? I love her sea-foam hair in this series. It’s really adorable.

Asuka was NIB and Nadeko was repackaged in her original, though a little damaged, box, but in A+ condition.


My next purchase was a set of the original ADV dubs for the three pack Gamera collection. I didn’t know until I got them home, but the Gamera: Guardian of the Universe is the dub with the entire ADV Evangelion cast- which is gold. I also got my hands on a blu-ray of Godzilla vs Megalon which features the first and only appearance of the amazing Jet Jaguar. The dub was perfection.


I spoke at length with the guy who sold me the kaiju DVDs. He was very nice and even agreed to call me if he ever got his hands on a copy of Godzilla vs The Cosmic Monster. Which is the one Godzilla movie my boyfriend pines for.

While I was at PCC, I also made some small purchases for friends, my boyfriend, and even put down money on an amazing MODOK canvas that now hangs happily in my living room.

I had a ton of fun, but the weekend totally kicked my ass. I had to take a sick day from work just to catch back up with the rest of the world. Of course, this aside at the con has pushed me behind on anime, so I will be spending a lot of my free time this week catching back up with everything on my list.

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