Thoughts & Feelings Column: Attack on Titan Season Two – Episode Twenty-Nine

As far as I can remember titans do not usually attack each other; of course, I may have missed something in the previous season, though I really doubt it. This behavior isn’t noticed by anyone else in the vicinity, but it really caught my eye. If the creators animated this scene just to bring attention to the titans- fine. However, I’m hoping this aside leads to a bigger point in how these titans are being controlled. It’s obvious that the Squatch titan’s control over the smaller titans is forced since they are moving at night when they are normally powered down. So, did the Squatch titan’s control lead to these titans losing themselves and attacking each other? It’s isolated to just the two titans, but it’s possible.


Moving onward from the titan attack squadron, there’s a brief stay in the past before the attack on Utgard Castle where the two scout squads hulled up discuss the day’s events. Crista asks a very important question: Where could the titans be coming from if Wall Rose isn’t broken?

Everyone tries to move past this comment as they all attempt to avoid eye contact with her. Conny actually breaks into this conversation and mentions how his entire town was destroyed, but there were no bodies from the citizen. Conny still believes that the town was able to flee in time, but brings up how the titan on his home reminded him of his mother.


It’s here that Ymir cuts off Conny and makes fun of him for thinking that the titan may be his mother. It’s very obvious that Ymir interrupted on purpose, so I have to assume that Ymir knows something about the the wall breach and the titans in general. When Reiner confronts Ymir about the teasing, he learns that she understands the a language written on the food stores that no one else can understand. I have to assume that only the royal 2family can understand this language, which is why Reiner is so surprised. It’s a rookie mistake on Ymir’s part, but she is saved an explanation when the titans attack the castle.

I wonder what the standard language is for the humans at this point if they can’t read the language that was on the cans and the alcohol bottle. That was a standard language at the time of the those items’ manufacturing, but that was obviously some time ago. I know that the people in this time have some ability to read, or at least I’ve assumed so. Now, I am not sure that reading is in practice any longer considering Reiner’s response to Ymir.

Now that we have met full circle with the past few episodes- the battle of Utgard Castle begins. Reiner attempts to become a hero by jumping out of a window with a3 titan on his arm, but luckily Conny thinks twice and saves Reiner’s life. It’s nice to see everyone willing to help each other, but I wish Conny would see his own worth. Reiner was being mauled by that titan because he pushed Conny out of the way, but Conny was the one who thought to cut the titan’s jaw to release Reiner. Conny has a lot of talent and is a pretty smart cookie.

While the kids survive to this point in the battle, all the senior scouts have been killed by titans. Since the swarm wouldn’t stop, and because the Squatch titan began to throw rocks from miles away- the senior scouts were made easy targets for the hunger blind worker titans.

5Ymir and Christa have an argument before Ymir reveals her true self- Ymir cuts her hand and transforms into a titan to fight the attacking forces. What’s interesting is that Ymir’s titan form looks just like the titan that attacked Reiner and his (I think) brother years ago, thus giving Reiner the push he needed to join the scouts. If Ymir was that titan- why was she eating people? She certainly shouldn’t need to. Show of force, possibly? Or maybe, it is just a coincidence that the two titans look similar.

I’m excited to see if Reiner notices the similarities between the titans, and if he can draw a correlation between the titan in his past and Ymir- or if this is just a red herring. Ymir looks like a force to be reckoned with, so I’m really hoping she can make it out for questioning. I’d like to see how well she can keep her mouth shut after all this. Also, how far will Christa go to keep people from finding out who she is and that she knew who Ymir really was.

The politics are heating up!

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