Thoughts & Feelings Column: Twin Angels BREAK – Episode Three

While we never learn what pet milk is, episode three of Twin Angels BREAK does give us a look into its past and helps us understand why Miruku is such a glutton for the energy given off from the monsters. There is, of course, a fair share of learning and understanding from all parties, and there’s an appearance from Yuto, Sumire’s big brother who is very attractive.

pricklyTo start things off, there is a bit of a time skip as we see the girls lose to Onigome a few more times. Miruku is upset by the Twin Angel’s inability to defeat this woman and informs the girls that people will get more and more prickly if they don’t do something. Prickly being described as persons who don’t let the elderly sit or who walk right in the middle of a couple holding hands. Relatively minor offenses, but both situations give Meguru a conniption.

There are a few asides with Onigome that let us know how the coins are used when taken from humans- they are eaten to grant youth. This woman is a whopping 331 years old. She wishes to remain youthful and strong until she can meet Zelucifer again. Not knowing anything about the previous anime or the pachinko game, I have to assume this man is the aged main antagonist (the Black Trader) of the previous installments- or maybe he’s just a new face to the franchise who has nothing to do with the Black Trader…

Kaitō_Tenshi_Twin_Angel_vol_1That’s right! If you didn’t already know, Twin Angels BREAK is a reboot/continuation of an older show called Phantom Thief: Twin Angel which is an adaptation of a pachinko game of the same name. There was an OVA, a serialized anime, and even some manga centering around Haruka and Aoi, a pair of friends who become the magical Red and Blue Twin Angels and fight evil in the form of the Black Trader and his associates. I know next to nothing about the original series, but I do know that Miruku is actually Kurumi, the White Angel. This explains why she is helping Aoi and Haruka, who are now trapped by a nameless Big Bad.

The main conflict in episode three centers on Miruku’s secrets. She has been hiding her true identity and the reason our girls are fighting. Miruku is also frustrated at Sumire and Meguru for not using the Break system and not taking this job seriously, even though Miruku has yet to say anything of substance to either girl. It’s actually really frustrating as a viewer to see Miruku complain about them not using that Break system- how are they supposed to use it if they don’t know that’s it’s there? I’m happy that we have a personality and character for Miruku, but I really dislike her attitude.


Miruku misunderstands Meguru and Sumire’s intent when it came to creating super moves, and yells at them before running off into the night assuming the girls think the entire Twin Angel idea is a game. Again, I still can’t understand why they would see it any other way considering the girls know literally nothing about the situation Miruku is in. I’m actually surprised the girls aren’t messing around at all, honestly. That shows just how kind and caring they are as people.d

Miruku is gone for three days, but during that time Meguru and Sumire don’t stop training and working on their super moves. They develop strategies to make up for each other’s weaknesses, and even create some powerful techniques without using whatever this Break system is. After the girls work together and inadvertently prove their hedgehog friend wrong, there are apologies all around.

Later, we see someone who looks like Yuto dressed in Tuxedo Mask cosplay fighting Omigome, who had escaped defeat earlier. She molts in the middle of the fight and knocks Possibly Yuto into a vat of hot something or other. It’s not known whether eor not this person is dead since he disappears off screen after he’s kicked off the balcony; however, I’m sure we will find out very soon if this was Yuto considering Sumire’s obsession with her brother.

We got quite the information download this round, and I expect to have a little more next episode before we move into the real action and saving the previous Twin Angels. It’s exciting that the story is heating up, and I love that the writers understand that we may not have seen the original Twin Angel series’ before picking up this show.

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