Thoughts & Feelings Column: Twin Angels BREAK – Episode Two

Sibling love is one of the few things that doesn’t translate very well to a US audience, and I’m not really sure how well it translates to any audience, really. From what I understand, siblings in most countries don’t always get along terribly well, though there are outliers. In anime, there is often a trope where the brother or sister has a sort of unrequited infatuation for their sibling. I don’t mean a sexual love, but a strange, jealous love that causes that brother or sister to obsess over their sibling. It’s a very odd thing, that I have become entirely used to, so much so, that I don’t see it as odd until my boyfriend mentions it.

aSumire is assumed to have this sort of infatuation for her brother at the top of this episode. She talks about how dealing with people is difficult, but speaking with her brother is easy. Sumire doesn’t find it necessary to please, understand, or speak with people who aren’t her brother. Now, we haven’t met her brother in any way, but I hope that her brother will come into this later as a villain Sumire has to overcome to reach her potential as a Twin Angel.


In the meantime, Meguru continues to attempt befriending Sumire to no avail. She actually ends up annoying Sumire to the point that anything Megu does is ignored. That is- until Megu compliments Sumire’s food again. We know that Sumire loves food, even in the little time we’ve known her. This girl also needs to eat a ton for seemingly no reason; she just happens to be this show’s glutton character. When Sumire was just a tyke all the kids thought of her as strange and stopped eating with her because she ate four cups of rice and a sheet of fried meats for lunch. That was the point in which Sumire began to find dealing with people cumbersome and became a bit of recluse cool girl type.

cHowever, Megu has endeared Sumire by complimenting her lunch and simply eating with her. The fact that Megu legitimately wants to talk about lunches and learn more about Sumire about a person has actually helped open Sumire up. It seems to be mostly the comment on food that made Sumire realize Megu’s pure intentions, but I believe this is a step in the right direction.

This wouldn’t be a magical girl anime without a designated fight each episode, and though episode two seemed to be working on personal relationships, there is still a battle at the end of the day. Megu and Sumire bring their newfound puppy friend to a pet convention to learn more about animal care. Very responsible. Here, we see more of the cute-loving side of Sumire, and she even agrees to become a Twin Angel if Miruku merely races in a pet race for free food.

fJust as Miruku is about to win the race, Onigome- the hot girl bad guy, who was disguised as the school nurse, appears and begin to suck out the negative emotions from the owners with pets in the race. The girls are able to fend off, but not defeat this enemy, though I don’t see that as much of an issue because this taught the girls a little more about teamwork which will be very important moving forward.

Our last few minutes show us Miruku’s Nintendo DS-looking device as he says he needs more energy. I honestly have no idea what in the world he could be collecting the energy for, but I do think the energy collected is expelled from the girls when they defeat a coin-seeking villain. The energy may be used for some sort of space ship, but that seems really overused and too easy to guess.


Overall, episode two was a great way to help us to get know Sumire better, and it helps start up some potential plot threads to keep us interested and coming back for more. For now, though, I will leave you with this:

What is pet milk??


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