Thoughts & Feelings Column: Attack on Titan Season Two – Episode Twenty-Seven

With episode 27, we are continuing the saga of Wall Rose’s breach and a delve into the lives and backgrounds of some of the fan favorite characters with little screen time last season. The show is setting up some major twists and turns, so there are some great bits of suspense and mystery as we move forward.

aArmin mentions something that I didn’t even think of- what if the walls are made of hardened titan skin. Annie, when she reverted from her titan form, crystallized. If that power could be mastered- it’s possible that titans were used as stucco for the wall. It’s a crazy idea, but since the walls haven’t crumbled or cracked in the time since they were built, it’s actually very sound.

Following Armin, Eren, and Mikasa on their road trip to fight the titans inside wall rose is Levi, Hange, and Hange’s Priest friend from the previous episode. Hange hopes that she can convince the man to talk about the wall mystery by showing him the destruction wrought by titans and sadness of the ignorant masses. What’s interesting is Hange’s respect for the Wall Priest since he really deserves nothing but contempt. She understands that he must have a reason for keeping quiet, and that this reason may alter their perception of their reality- which worries her more than anything.

bThat’s all well and good, but the most fascinating part of this episode is everything with Sasha because it seems so, so strange. We first see Sasha’s past as a young women of an indiscernible age from today acting like a feral dog to steal meat from her father. She then hides behind a tree while he speaks with her about Wall Maria’s fall and the influx of people into the area. Sasha is weird kid, but even weirder is her behavior toward her dad. I don’t know his parenting style, but it seems she wasn’t disciplined enough if she is tearing food from your hands with her own teeth. This doesn’t endear me to her character in any way- in fact, I really disliked seeing this part of her as it seems out of place for the environment she grew up in. Mainly an enclosed house with family.

cIn the present, Sasha is racing toward her village in an effort to save them from the oncoming titan onslaught. She finds a new village, instead, and sees a woman being eaten while her child watches in terror. We learn that the entire village fled while this woman was being eaten because they knew the woman had bad legs. Sasha feels for the child, and actually manages to become a bad ass while she saves her life. Later, we find the girl riding with Sasha’s dad who was seeming to do a recon to find survivors in the area. Lucky her!

We the move to Conny for the episode finale that really takes the cake. Conny sees his village is destroyed and races through town to his home. There are no bodies, blood, or titans until he reaches his house. On top of Conny’s home is a titan on it’s back with very tiny arms and legs.

dI know Conny had siblings, and considering there aren’t any bodies anywhere- I wonder if people are becoming titans somehow. Instead of always being eaten- maybe the bitten people are turned into titans somehow? Or maybe it’s something more magical? Either way, I believe that the titan on Conny’s house is a family member. Considering it’s tiny appendages, possibly a one of his younger siblings.

I’m really into this titan reveal, and I can’t wait to see what’s really going on. This is a great way to start off the second season because it’s reigniting interest for all of us who lost interest in the series during the long break.

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