Thoughts & Feelings Column: Twin Angels BREAK – Episode One

Magical Girl anime are a staple that we’ve all come to know and love. I always want one each season, but this show-type seems to be waning nowadays- though their current infrequency is likely why I still hold magical girl anime in esteem. Twin Angels BREAK is just what you need to help perk up the beginning of spring with adorable girls and a candy-coated premise.


Briefly, Amatsuki Meguru is Twin Angels BREAK’s main protagonist. She’s a sweet girl whose only dream is to be a hero and save people in need. Kisaragi Sumire, the secondary protagonist, is a cool beauty who grew up in a very strict home. She has heroic seniority to Meguru as her family is hinted to be consistent heroes. Both girls are in their third year of middle school and become partners who fight evil with the blessing of Miruku, an adorable magical hedgehog. Heroes work in pairs as created by Miruku and are called “Twin Angels.”

The overall plot of Twin Angels BREAK isn’t anything we haven’t seen before what with clashing personalities and a simple good vs evil battle. The one interesting tidbit is that the show refers to magical girls as “heroes.” It actually reminds me a lot of Yuki Yuna is a Hero (2014) in that aspect.

cThis word choice of “heroes” instead of “magical girls” is a possible side effect of the Marvel boom in recent years which is seen all across both anime and manga. It’s a simple name change, but I feel like it can more credibility to the characters thus appealing to a wider audience. Everyone can be a Hero.

But, let’s not get caught up on word replacement that probably has less meaning than I’m assigning it. Let’s talk about this adorable show.

Meguru and Sumire meet for the first time at the school’s front gates, and then again as Megu is introduced to the class on her first day. Sumire wants little, if nothing, to do with Megu, and makes it abundantly clear as she ignores and snaps at Megu with every turn. Throughout the episode, Megu attempts to befriend Sumire and ends her screen time vowing to become friends.

bThe real meat of the show begins when Miruku introduces herself to Megu while her classmates are being hypnotized by an evil shamisen player. There is some weighty explanation about being a hero while Megu’s classmates’ energy is being sucked dry before she finally transforms and begins her fight.

What first interested me was Megu’s weapon. Instead of a sword or some magic spells, Megu has a MACE OF SOME SORT. Later, we see Sumire using a halberd. Magical girls usually use atypical weaponry in deconstructions of the genre (Madoka Magica, Magical Girl Raising Project, Yuki Yuna, etc.). I really enjoy seeing the creators work with the idea that normal magical girls can use actual weapons while still maintaining cuteness.

dMegu cannot defeat the shamisen man by herself, and while in the midst of a dire situation, Sumire saves Megu before defeating him. There was some discussion previously that leads you to believe that Sumire was already a hero before the reveal. We have also get some hints to how experienced she is: not much. Apparently the shamisen man had defeated Sumire in battle with a previous encounter, so this was Sumimre’s vengence win. It’s also mentioned that Twin Angelism runs in Sumire’s family, so it’s likley that they pass this mantle on from mother to daughter at a certain age.

I expect that the first half of the season will revolve about Megu befriending Sumire and the last half testing what their friendship has become. While I’m not into the forceful cheerfulness that Megu exudes, I do think that Sumire could learn from her soon-to-be best friend- and vice versa. Meguru could learn to take a deep breath and chill out every once and a while.

The show itself is relatively fast paced, and the battles seem like they will be enjoyable- especially if the enemies are as oddly strange as the shamisen man. I’m looking forward to seeing if the series will take any risks or leaps with the genre, though I expect we are going to get the typical Saturday Morning Cartoon plot.

Twin Angels BREAK is cute, quick, and fun. What more do you want?


Read about episode two!

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