Thoughts & Feelings Column: Saga of Tanya the Evil – Episode Twelve

The last episode of Saga of Tanya leaves me both happy and unfulfilled. I have to harp on the fact that Being X has been oddly absent in the second half of the season, but otherwise I believe the show has ended on a a solid note.

aIf we weren’t sure about the Empire’s confidence in winning the war in the previous episode, we have to be sure of it now. Tanya wishes to speak with Zettour (to explain the impending world war already explained in a dissertation she wrote back in the early episodes), but learns that all the top brass and strategists are at the beer hall celebrating the armistice- or what the Empire refers to as victory and the end of the war. Rerugen sees Tanya and invites her to voice her concerns to him, but as she explains her feelings to Rerugen he begins to see the situation in a new light.

Tanya points out a major issue that I believe still plagues war politics today: people under fire do not act with reason, they act with emotion.

Logically, the Republic has lost this war and any further battles will only serve to hurt their populace and economy in vain; however, the Empire has spent so much time attempting to win the war with sheer power and force, they forgot that they need to show emotion and compassion to their conquered. Their lack of saving face has led to the world being on edge for their territories and citizens as the Empire’s stretch only increased as the war went on. It’s sound to believe that in the eyes of neighboring nations that the Empire won’t stop, and will continue to conquer. This is where some fear may arise.

dFurthermore, the lack of compassion for the conquered and brute strength used in each battle and skirmish has led the Republic and other occupied nations to resent and hate the actions that transpired as well as the actor. Citizens and defeated soldiers will continue to rise until they win or die. It’s a natural emotion to fight back, but the Empire sees only reason and logic. They forgot how humanity works. They forgot that at the end of the day, humans are beasts.

Of course, the same night Tanya explains all this to Rerugen, the citizens of the occupied countries stage their rebellions and plans to fight back- starting with the Southern Continent (Africa). The Empire lacks a proper navy, so they send Tanya and her air aces to battle in the sands. It’s here that Tanya has a great, though completely crazy, monologue about how God doesn’t exist in war. If only we had some Being X to help refute this point to support the unanswered and “not continued” conflict for that plot point.

Saga of Tanya sets up the US entrance in the war and the beginning of the African campaign for a possible season two. Even if we don’t get a season two, this ending does well in finality to show that Tanya’s struggle will ever continue until she submits to Being X.

cBranching off that point, I find the lack of Being X in the second half, and the lack of a follow up at any point toward the end of this season of Tanya to be a detriment to the series as a whole. I came into the show loving the entire premise, and while I still enjoyed the show for the secondary commentary it offered- I am left wondering why the issues on God were never revisited and extrapolated on. It’s possible that the writers didn’t know how to follow up with what they had set in motion, and chose to try and fizzle out the idea that Being X is constantly sabotaging Tanya. Whatever the case, I am disappointed in that aspect of the series.

The final verdict? If you haven’t seen Tanya, or didn’t finish the show- I would say give it a try. There is a fair bit of criticism that can be given to the show, but I do believe that the general conflicts and overall story are something to behold. It’s a ton of fun and relatively well executed with great animation and one nasty girl.

My rating: B


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