Thoughts & Feelings Column: Saga of Tanya the Evil – Episodes Ten & Eleven

Once again, I decided to combine episodes ten and eleven of Tanya. There is a lot of action between the two episodes leaving little room for any real analysis (what little I do) on my end. I really love that there is so little to draw on, honestly. Since I don’t typically watch a ton of action-y anime, it’s a nice change of pace to just be able to sit back and enjoy some fights.

a.pngOver the span of two episodes we see the pincer/revolving door plan work in action and a successful take-over of the Republican capital. Tanya was also able to defeat her crazed nemesis, though it was with much effort and with Viktoriya’s helping hand. The Empire reigns supreme and the war is effectively over.

While the action is fun and the moves made in the skirmish were exciting and interesting, the real meat comes in episode eleven where Tanya is dealing with the war’s end.

bPTSD is a known problem in today’s world, but things like this weren’t taken seriously back in the day- which I am sure everyone is aware based on Rambo alone.  However, there is also a phenomena I closely associate with the Vietnam war, though it’s prevalent from all theaters, where the soldier in question doesn’t feel at ease unless they are fighting in a war. Being a soldier grants you discipline, order, control, and adrenaline. A loss of this is frightening, especially if you have fought for years- at least that’s what I understand from the movies I’ve seen.

Tanya is experiencing this form of loss in a huge way. Think about it like this: she came into this world and joined the army as soon as should could. Tanya lived her years in Japan in as a salaryman, and lived years as a soldier climbing ranks. Her past is nothing but gross order and control. She cannot do any other fulfilling tasks and has no hobbies. Tanya is losing her livelihood at the end of this war.

c.pngWhen Tanya hears that an armistice was signed, she is upset and worried that the Republicans will come back stronger. The key here is that the parties engaged in an armistice which is only a cease-fire. Since there was no surrender it’s likely that the Republic will rally and come back with more force as the Empire basks in what they believe to be a win. This is a very likely scenario, and the war genius that Tanya is sees right through it.

dHowever, it’s apparent that Tanya is suffering from the end of the war and the boredom accompanying it. She loses control while attempting to get permission to attack the fleeing Republican ship to prevent what she sees as an impending attack. The officer she is appealing to doesn’t see the armistice as a bad thing, and rebukes Tanya who tries to leave on her own since the paperwork for the armistice wasn’t signed just yet. The armistice is signed just before  Tanya flies off.

Considering the severe economic damage war does to a county, it makes complete sense why the Empire is tired and just wants to end the war. In episode ten, the Men in High Towers were talking about how the bond funding would drain their citizens into poverty. Extreme cost is another sad reality of war.

The officer possibly only saw Tanya as reacting in the way a soldier who only knows war would, and dismissed her actions of those as a PTSD survivor. It’s interesting to look at Tanya through the eyes of anyone but her. You see can see how people would not only be off-put, but also saddened by her current state as she rushes in vain to stop the Republican retreat.


Since we are hitting the end of the season and Being X hasn’t made landfall in quite some time, I do expect it to make an appearance this coming episode. Though Tanya has taken a bit of a turn since it’s mid-season break, I think if the series can pull around and bookend with more Being X- we can land on top as a solid show.

Read about episode twelve!

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