Thoughts & Feelings Column: Saga of Tanya the Evil – Episode Nine

This episode of Saga of Tanya brings forth more war and death with a dash of Being X, but instead of seeing Being X in action we only get Tanya’s commentary on it. I won’t harp on the lack of Being X in this, but it should still be understood that this section of the story isn’t being continued. I believe that the last arc of of Tanya is going to deal with Being X’s plan and it and Tanya coming to a head.

However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves because there are a couple fun things that happen.

a.pngUger, if you remember, was the man Tanya convinced to go to the rear guard so that she may climb ranks. Turns out he joined the railway division, which I don’t find much safer than the front lines what with the transportation of supplies and all. But, what do I know?

Anyway, Uger informs Tanya that there is a rumored plan to make a tactical retreat to draw the Entente Alliance inward. After the Alliance is close enough in and have confidence in their regained territory, the Empire is perform a sort of pincer movement which Tanya equates to Hannibal and Napoleon.

This plan is very convoluted and has potential of failure and high casualties, but since it’s so difficult to resupply the front lines since the Arene incident the Empire can’t manage another landing on the Alliance with any percentage of success. When you think about it, the Empire doesn’t have the upper hand any longer because of the Arene rebellion. Which is why I don’t find it surprising that the Alliance is cocky and not at all suspicious of the Empire falling back.

There are points in this episode where Tanya stops to curse Being X without it being present. At the most important point, which reinforces my theory that Tanya is obsessed with him, Tanya is musing about Being X just before an AA missile hits her; however, we don’t’ know if this missile made contact or not.

We see Tanya later speaking with Rerugen, seemingly fine. I find this to be a problem. Since we cut away from the missile hitting Tanya, I assumed her distraction with Being X caused her hindrance on the battlefield which would have been a great piece of characterization. We instead see her looking healthy and have to draw the conclusion that she dodged or deflected this missile when we weren’t looking.

As a viewer, we should have seen her deflect or dodge the missile to show more dexterity as a fighter. Or, we should see her get hit by a missile because she is distracted by her magnum opus.

c.pngHowever, because Tanya isn’t hurt or distracted by her own musings we get to meet Tanya’s most beloved friend, Doctor Schugel, who has now created rockets that will spirit mages to select bunker locations to cripple the Alliance’s forces. Schugel just as insane as he was before, but now Rerugen is around to witness the insatiability of this “mad scientist.”

d.pngWhich brings about an interesting detail: Tanya and Rerugen bond over their shared uncomfortableness with Schugel. As we know, Rerugen despises and respects Tanya in a very messy way, but during the Schugel exchanges we never see Rerugen give her a sideways glance. It’s new and comforting to see the two working together, even if it’s just sharing the same disdain. I doubt this will turn into anything more considering Tanya’s terse attitude and Rerugen’s general horror with most of Tanya’s actions.

Finally, possibly the best end credits payoff so far, is the death of one of Tanya’s men. Earlier in the episode you see a man struggling in the foreground with stomach pains. I had assumed he was suffering from a bullet or shrapnel wound that the medics were attempting to close and disinfect. However, as it turns out, the man ate a rotten potato and died of food poisoning.

I did some very light research using Google, and I learned that old potatoes contain a toxin known as “solanine” which is possibly more familiar to you as nightshade. More specifically a type of nightshade, there’s over 2,800 kinds of plants in the nightshade scientitf family of Solanaceae- tomatoes, eggplants, and some berries are members of this class and contain highly toxic alkaloids if ingested improperly.

Symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, ab pain, depression of the central nervous system, comatose with convulsive twitching, fever, peripheral circulatory collapse, and sometimes hallucinations (credit).

So, if you ever see green on the tubers of your potato? Don’t eat it. You’ll likely die of solanine poisoning like the guy in Saga of Tanya. Or, you’ll get really sick and be fine a few days later like the boys in 1979 in south London that I read about online that had a similar encounter.

That was my Fun Fact Science Corner of the Day. Look forward to next week when we learn more about the death and destruction of delicious foods in old war Europe.

Or just Tanya Episode 10.

Read about episodes ten and eleven!

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