Thoughts & Feelings Column: Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club – Episode Eight

This MK episode reminds me of the biggest problem with the series, just in case I managed to forget, Hiromi.

Now, I realize that I have a special place in my heart for my distaste with this girl, but I do think it’s largely justified by her characterization and the overall lackadaisical attitude in which she is often portrayed that leaves me thinking of ways I would help give more depth or interest to this girl.


The overview is easy to explain because only one item of business takes the entire 17 or so minutes to happen: Hiromi wins the race with the help of her friends and the rocket club. Actually, Hiromi just barely wins the race as Azusa, the swim team captain, almost crosses that finish line first. It would be nail-biting if a plethora of things didn’t get in the way of all this suspense.

You see, the whole reason why Hiromi ended up in front, besides her other teammates being winded, is because Higa’s arm was starting to pain her so much she wouldn’t be able to ride effectively. This is a very ham-fisted reason because there is 1) no way Higa hit the ground hard enough to damage her shoulder to that degree and 2) no way riding a bike on flat ground would cause such a debilitating effect on her lightly injured shoulder.

eHiromi has another one of her, what I now consider famous, existential crisis. She first realizes that she has to finish the race alone, then she finds that she forgot how to turn corners. Hiromi forgot how to turn a corner- something she has managed this entire race. There is no excuse because even if she was following another biker, she would need to understand how to take corners.

Right. So, how does Hiromi finally remember how to ride her bike yet again? Cherry blossom petals that are carrying her friend’s tips and tricks and support. No joke. These flower petals were focused on pretty heavily in the beginning of the episode, so I knew they would come into play in some way. I didn’t expect the flowers to speak to Hiromi, though.

Hiromi wins using the power of friendship as it pushes her across the finish line in the form of creepy ghost hands. She then has a dream where she is given a pegasus for winning the race, but Hiromi’s pegasus reminds her that she wouldn’t have won without her friends- who all now have pegasus of their own. This scene goes on for way too long, is horribly out of place in the show, and only serves to possibly hint that Hiromi cannot understand that she didn’t win the race of her own accord. Or, at least that Hiromi needs a constant reminder because she may simply forget there was a race in the first place.

This pegasus dream apparently happened in the pool. Hiromi fell asleep in the school pool.

c.pngFinally, after some little tidbits happen around the town, we learn that the manager of the bike store is using the bike frame that Hiromi loved from the bike she couldn’t afford to make a bicycle from scratch for her.

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand this special treatment for Hiromi? I’m seriously at a loss for words. I really don’t know what to expect for the next installment of this fascinatingly irritating show, but I’m it will have something to do with the cosplay club since they have been spoken of often and with pause.

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