Thoughts & Feelings Column: Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club – Episode Seven

Minami Kamakura does what other shows dare not- it extends the race to a third episode. We do not get a conclusion, and are instead treated with a cliff hanger that leaves me wondering what Hiromi can possibly do.

kumaAnyway, the race is finally underway and our cycling club is on their feet. However, they are far behind and need to make up a lengthy distance. The first years are maintaining their lead with the cosplay club at the forefront because of some tips the cat girl manager gave them. Though, I’m not sure how the cosplay club member is able to ride so well to a bear fursuit- but I admire them so much.

It’s important to remember that Higa fell in the beginning of the race because she ends up being the one to take the lead and help the girls catch up the first years who lead the pack. Why is this so important? Well. You see.

  1. I find it very trusting of the girls to let Higa ride in front of them considering her failure at the start of the race, and I think that is really telling of their teamwork and faith in each other which has obviously grown very quickly in the short time since they became friends.
  2. Higa may have been a bit of a chuckle-head at first, but she’s actually quite skilled at riding a bike and is pretty much a tough badass. I legitimately have a newfound respect for this girl because she toughs through pain to help bring her teammates to their goal.

Whether the creators mean to or not, this episode pulls me toward Higa and away from the protagonist, Hiromi. Actually, this episode seems to want me to dislike Hiromi for her inability to work in a team. She continues to forget very important items of business just to serve an information cram the show wanted to put off until later in an effort to create suspense. Hiromi also doesn’t try and offer any help or take any action during the race (until the very end of the episode- which cliff hangs her actions).

When Higa asks the girls if they remember what Shiki told them about riding, Hiromi states that she didn’t remember at all. We learn that Hiromi missed out on a lesson on “bike train”-ing where the girls will ride in a line to reduce wind resistance and save energy on succeeding members, much like how geese fly. Higa is the strongest and fastest rider, so it’s only natural that she takes the lead in the beginning.


What surprised me the most about this train is that no one but Higa rides most of the way. While Higa does maintain her quick pace nicely, it really seems unfair that there was no switch out until the end of the episode on the last legs of the race. Tomo and Fuyune decide to work together with the rocket club first years to give Higa a break while they become the front of the train until each girl becomes too tired and falls off to be replaced by the next girl in line. It’s a great idea, and executed rather well.

2.pngI do wonder where this camaraderie between the rocket club and bicycle club stems from, but I’m really not going to harp on that too much since there are worse things this show has done to help get the story moving.

Another important note is that Hiromi and Higa were not told about this second plan, and while I do understand why they didn’t tell Higa- why didn’t they tell Hiromi? Furthermore, the setup here seems to be placing Hiromi in the winner’s circle. I don’t understand why. Hiromi hasn’t done anything, though she seems to feel bad about that. Why does Hiromi have to have this set-up to win? Why can’t Higa win? Seriously. Push the main character idea aside- Hiromi should not win all told.

I truly hope I am wrong in my assumption, and I truly hope Hiromi won’t be the first bike club member to cross that finish line.

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