Thoughts & Feelings Column: Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club- Episode Six

Finally, after five episodes of slow-moving “plot” we get to see the girls race! Kind of- actually, we only get the start of the race at the very end of the episode. What amazes me most about each episode of Minami Kamakura is how much time the show manages to waste on subjects that legitimately don’t matter. There is little character development, if any, since each girl remains exactly the same as our first impression of them.

When I have to get writing done at home I often find myself cleaning to procrastinate getting on with the day’s activities. I truly believe that is an apt description of Minami Kamakura. This show is procrastinating and dilly-dallying around instead of attempting to move forward. Unfortunately for Minami Kamakura, it cannot hack it as a slow-life, cute girls doing cute things show and it really needs to pick up its feet.


Our story begins with a reminder that Hiromi didn’t have enough money for a bike in an accidentally humorous way. Hiromi goes with the rest of her club to pick up Tomo and Fuyune’S bikes, and I just laughed when everyone but her rode off to try the bikes out because she’s just a third wheel to them at this point.

Hiromi is severely pitied by the cat girl manager, and is given a scratch built bike to borrow. Or maybe keep? The ownership of this item is actually pretty confusing. The manager first states that the bike is a freebie for buying two bikes at her shop, but then later states that Hiromi is only borrowing it for the time being. So. I’m assuming Hiromi isn’t given a free bike?

The most interesting thing about this whole Hiromi being poor idea is that it made the most gung-ho member of the cycling club unable to cycle. Why? Why would you give that limit to any character? Especially since Hiromi did absolutely nothing to change her position. She found out she couldn’t afford a bike and just stopped trying from what we saw. This wasn’t used as a way to show how she is driven to accomplish goals or how hard Hiromi can work- she just abandoned the idea. Poor storytelling.

The show wastes time showing the girls looking at helmets in the bike store before revealing the cycling club’s jerseys. While the jerseys are very cute, there is a terrible and out of place bit of fanservice where each girl is ogled in their new gear. It doesn’t work well and jars what little pacing this show has.

When we finally get to a point where we can begin the race, we learn that Higa sucks. It’s not really her fault per say, more just really bad luck, but she can’t get her shoes to clip to her fancy bike pedals and ends up slowing everyone down.

I have a suggestion: don’t have those pedals. That’s a terrible idea. What if you fall in the middle of the street while a car is coming? You won’t be able to unclip and jump out of the way in time. I’ve never even heard of pedals like this before this show, and I honestly think they should be discontinued for safety reasons.

san.pngAnyway, Natsumi slows everyone down by falling over and not being to clip her feet to her bike, then all the girls start talking to each other about feeling like friends and being together in this. It’s another time waster, and the cycling club has no chance of winning this race.

I think you are supposed to hope that cycling club will persevere and win the night race, but since none of the other cyclers even hesitated to pass the group up I’m going to assume the girls lose. Hard. I’m looking forward to seeing that happen. I’m also looking forward to seeing how long the show will spend on the race. Five minutes? Fifteen? Anything is possible.

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