Thoughts & Feelings Column: Saga of Tanya the Evil – Episode Six

A significant portion of this episode is focused on higher-up decision making compared to previous installments where these were quick asides that really focused more on debriefings about Tanya. While it’s nice to see the other side of coin, I did find it a bit boring when the first meeting with the Imperial Army heads ran long. I’ve grown accustomed to seeing a lot of Tanya of her poor attitude these past few episodes, so I felt almost jipped in the first few minutes.


However taken aback I was, we did learn some good information from the meetings:

First, the Fatherland overwhelmed the Dukedom of Dakia’s 600k troops with a mere 70k Imperial soldiers.

Second, the Fatherland is convinced that they will have total occupation of Dakia by winter.

And third, the generals are worried about fighting on too many fronts- a very topical concern for the era the show is portraying.

Tanya and her troops receive word that they are to rally to Norden, the almost aptly named northern front, to destroy the triple entente, protect the supply runs, and advance the front lines. Though she is filled with new rigor with this battalion command, Tanya is suspicious of Being X’s hand in the world’s movement. Someone, possibly the French or British allegory, is providing aide to the Fatherland’s enemies with Being X’s intervention. Since this is a natural progression of this war, I didn’t find this surprising; however, Tanya is more worried about the speed of this assistance. She finds that the allies are acting far too quickly compared to her predictions.

4.pngIn a way, this is almost paranoid. Tanya is obsessed with besting Being X and believes it is warping the world to force her faith. Since we are an omniscient viewer we know that this is what Being X is doing and planning, but Tanya doesn’t know this. She’s more than a little unhinged when it comes to Being X, and her paranoia is telling of that- even if it’s warranted.

Tanya and her battalion prove themselves to be quite the formidable force in this battle as they destroy the enemy troops and save their failing comrades. Because the battalion has upgraded equipment they can fly faster and higher than any other mage, and Tanya’s personal computation crystal causes the enemy bombers to retreat as she destroys one plane. It’s a fantastic battle and set of scenes. It’s great to see the mage battalion fight an actual threat and preserve. It gives me far more confidence in Tanya’s survival.


We finally get another look at Being X this episode when Tanya flies down to check on the bomber she felled. Being X takes over the dead pilot and describes how it is turning everyone against Tanya with a creepy grin. It’s so vindictive and, well, just plain messed up. It’s hard to believe that this God-like figure would take Tanya’s vendetta so personally.  When you learn about God as a kid you think of a kingly, kind figure- not a spiteful child spirit. However, God is actually quite vengeful and spiteful as described in selections of the Bible, and when you think of that Being X’s behavior is not all that surprising. Gods in all religions have often acted emotionally, but in today’s society seeing an emotional God is very strange.2

Personally, I find Being X’s behavior disgusting and I can’t believe it is going through all this trouble to basically just win an argument. How childish. Of course, that in itself is a reflection of some eras and practicers of religion.

Saga of Tanya continues to force your thinking cap and comment on religion and remains topical with the current political climate of the United States with a fascist regime and vengeful God fighting against a little girl with ambitions of climbing ranks by any means necessary. It’s all very dirty and grey.

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