Thoughts & Feelings Column: Saga of Tanya the Evil – Episode Four

This episode of Saga of Tanya the Evil focuses on pursuing Tanya through her military school post and how she returns to the battlefield. There is no interference from Being X in this episode, so it reminds me of episode one with a stronger focus on the people around Tanya and how she manipulates them than the last two installments.

We join Tanya six months from her departure from the front lines in her dorm room at the military academy. She wakes up right as the clock turns to six which makes me wonder how you wake up if you don’t have such a sharp internal clock. Probably an alarm.

At this point in the game, though it’s early, we understand that Tanya is a cunning young girl. However, I didn’t really understand her hatred toward Being X until she discussed her gun toting habits with a fellow classmate, Captain Uger. When Uger asks why she carries her rifle around, Tanya replies that she needs to keep her lifeline in top shape. However, her aside reveals that she keeps her rifle handy just in case there is a chance for her to shoot Being X. Tanya dislikes Being X so much that she is willing to throw her normal rationality aside and attempt to shoot a god.


There a great scene in the middle of the episode that features Tanya and Uger in a coffee shop. Uger wants advice on how to continue his studies now that he is having a daughter, and Tanya turns up the little girl act to get Uger to drop out of the command career track. It’s scary how quickly the man agrees with her, though he doesn’t let it show much in the store. Furthermore, now that Uger dropped out in an effort to preserve his life for his ch{of this military academy.

Tanya later meets up with General Zettour by a seeming coincidence (I believe that Zettour sought Tanya out) and is asked to join him in his office on campus. Zettour is the general that spoke up for Tanya at the meeting where Rerugen (aka Glasses Guy) made his own distaste for Tanya evident. General Zettour’s goal is to assess Tanya’s leadership and soldiering skills with the simple question, “What are your thoughts on the war?”

Here we get a glimpse into how Tanya has been conducting herself. She’s a creature of observation and habit, and she has been hard at work observing the people of the Fatherland. She’s surmised that the soldiers in this particular army are obsessed with precision, and as such it makes sense that she always asks for and gives clarification and specifics. Tanya has actively created a character that she plays, and based on that it isn’t too strange to assumes that she often still sees herselfx.png as that long dead salaryman instead of as Tanya.

Tanya then asks the general for a more specific question with garners her with, “What do you think the next developments in the war will be?” Zettour crafts quite a different question here that leaves little room for broad interpretation unlike the first query.

Tanya replies with a hypothesis that this war will turn into a World War because, basically, the Fatherland will grow to own too much land which will cause the surrounding powers to react and protect themselves from what they view as a territorial threat. Thinking herself a genius and using her acumen as a past-life business maveric, Tanya then outlines a way to mitigate losses in the war by talking with the bordering countries before they get trigger happy.

Her mistake was thinking like a business person instead of a soldier. In business you think of costs and human lives are money lost. As a soldier, especially in this imperial army, you think of bravery and fighting for your home. General Zettour catches this and gives Tanya a chance to recover, and she does thanks to a rambling idea she had about a fast attack mage unit that would take out enemy resources. This plan made her seem calculating and ruthless, and it was exactly what Zettour wanted.

z.pngGeneral Zettour asks Tanya to put together a proposal to outline the world war theory and her ideas on this mage battalion. Zettour gives this proposal to Rerugen, but doesn’t tell him who wrote the paper. After gaining some tracking at a meeting, Zettour sets his sights on making Tanya the leader of this battalion of mages. The general invites her to a dinner where he basically forces her to agree; however, Tanya still has to choose members for the battalion so she will not ship out to the front lines immediately.

I’m very curious to see how long Tanya can stave off her new leadership position, and I’m also excited to see this elite unit in action. Viktoriya actually appears at the end of the episode. I assume that she is assigned to help Tanya prepare the battalion, but I have no doubts that she will also be joining that team as mage cavalry.

For the next episode, I’m really hoping to get some Being X in. I want to see what it has to say about the goings on here, and if it will admit to forcing Tanya’s destiny.

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