Thoughts and Feelings Column: Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club – Episode Three

Another week goes by and another set of anime premieres. Luckily this Minami Kamakura episode delves into creating the actual club, but in moving into plot steers us away from the beautiful landscapes I had quickly fallen in love with.

Almost every school anime has an episode where the characters try to find a club to join. In some cases, characters will elect to join the “Going Home Club” where they simply go home after school and relax. However, in Minami Kamakura High School there is no “Going Home Club.” Club activities are a requirement.

cTomo and Hiromi wander the halls and join in on multiple clubs where they learn they don’t quite fit in. At least, we find out they are not basketball or swimming athletes in a series of very embarrassing accidents for both Tomo and Hiromi. The two actually meet up with Higa at the Light Swimming Club (a club where you can just sit in the water and splash around) before heading to the nurse’s office to bandage Hiromi’s injured foot.

At the nurse’s office we meet up with Fuyune who is sore from riding to Enoshima the past weekend. No one else is tired or sore from the endeavour, so this means that Fuyune isn’t used to doing much activity and she will likely have to work the hardest to keep up in the future cycling club.

It’s here that I have to point out something critical: the nurse. She is enjoying the conversation that Higa, Hiromi, and Tomo are having with a very large grin, but when Fuyune peeks around the curtained bed the nurse looks very pissed off. It’s as if she is upset that Fuyune ruined the jovial conversation. Of course, maybe the nurse is just upset because she remembered that Fuyune is only in the office because she is sore and whiny. I do have to wonder why the nurse would be so visibly upset and call Fuyune out like she does- it seems unprofessional.

Moving along. The girls, including Fuyune who was basically kicked out of the nurse’s office, decided to look around at more clubs. They’ve experienced all the sports clubs, but not any of the cultural clubs- however, before we can attempt to broaden horizons, Fuyune takes the lead to some mysterious meeting spot.

Fuyune manages to be more frail when they have to go up some stairs to reach the mysterious meeting spot. All I can really say about this girl is that she really needs to walk around more. It’s not cute that she’s basically incapable of doing any sort of physical activity that isn’t clicking a camera shutter.

dAfter the arduous journey up some stairs, the girls see a tiny home and go inside to meet with Fuyune’s grandmother, the school’s principal. As it turns out, Fuyune’s grandmother was a part of the Minami Kamakura Girl’s Cycling Club when she attended the school and had many adventures as a result. However, the cycling club fell to the wayside as faster forms of transportation emerged because people in the school were only interested in locomoting more quickly and bikes were not a fast as cars or trains.

I have another fun point of interest to mention. Hiromi was surprised to learn that bicycles were around in 1974. 

The little house that the girls were meeting in was the old cycling club room. This influx of information reminds Fuyune that she wants to take a photo of somewhere far away that she can reach with her own feet, and from here she decides to resurrect the cycling club. Higa, Tomo, and Hiromi join suit.

I never asked this question before, but is Minami Kamakura an all-girl’s school? From what I’ve seen it is, so wouldn’t it be redundant to call the cycling club Minami Kamakura Girl’s Cycling club? Can’t you just call it the Minami Kamakura Cycling Club and meet the same end?

eThe grandmother gives Hiromi the key to the tiny house, not Fuyune the granddaughter, but Hiromi- a girl she never met before. I can’t be the only one who finds this strange and off-putting. It wasn’t even Hiromi’s idea to start the club. Hiromi was simply the one who asked what the key was. I feel like a lot of social barriers were stripped away because they all like bikes a bunch.

I don’t know if I’m starting to get Stockholm Syndrome from Minami Kamakura, but I didn’t find this episode as difficult to watch as the first two. Maybe it’s because there was a set direction the girls were going, or maybe it’s because there weren’t constant cuts between stories that jarred the timing.  I am, however, very sad that we didn’t get much beautiful scenery this go-around, but I’m certain that the next time the girls ride a bicycle we will get something good.

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