Thoughts and Feelings Column: Magical Girl Raising Project – Episode Twelve

This is it! This is the end we’ve been waiting weeks for- and I’m pretty disappointed.

Look. It’s not that I’m upset that I was completely off the mark with my predictions for the show- it’s more that I feel like MGRP could have been something more. At the end of the day, this show is only going to be another forgettable entry into the dark magical girl genre sparked to life by Madoka Magica.

I was hoping I’d at least get something beautiful and meaningful like in Yuki Yuna is a Hero, but I was left in the dust as the show wrapped up in a very boring way.

Let’s talk.

We start off with a rainy standoff between Swim Swim and Ripple- the rain giving Swim a huge advantage in the battle. Intermixed with the battle is Fav finally revealing what this whole game is about.

Fav tells Snow White that she quit now because her survival means she is a valuable “candidate.” He then goes on to explain that this game is the Magical Girl Recruitment Project and he is a familiar of the Scouting Department sent by the World of Magic.

Most tests for the Magical Girl Recruitment Project are good deeds or eliminating World of Magic enemies, and the girl with the best results becomes a member of the World of Magic. After this, you can choose to be a life-long magical girl or you can oversee the next recruitment project as a master.

We learn that Fav doesn’t like Swim as a master since she is two oranges shy of a mango tree, and because she refuses to take any responsibility as a master. Fav’s plan is to have Ripple and Swim Swim eliminate each other so that Snow White is the remaining candidate and becomes the next master.

aOf course, Snow White isn’t into this at all, and finds out from exposition Fav that you don’t die if you chose to not be or lost the ability to be a magical girl- you just lose you memories of the encounter. Which means that Fav purposefully killed Nemurin to spark bloodlust in the ranks.

The fight between Ripple and Swim isn’t anything to write home about since we’ve seen the two fight so much that this battle is predictable. Swim does manage to cut off Ripple’s arm before she dies from stabbing because a flash bang left her defenseless. Ripple dies from blood loss, maybe

bWhat’s unclear at this point is whether Ripple really lost her arm, or if it was a feint to distract Swim Swim- regardless, Ripple has died. If anyone has a good theory on what happened, I’d love to hear it because the show has left it ambiguous.

Anyway, I laughed when Fav played congratulatory music to Snow White. Seriously- it was great. He’s such a terrible little AI with no regard to his terribleness.

Now, Snow White does lose her cool, but not not in the way I wanted.

She starts attempting to destroy the terminal that Fav appears from in a mad rush to end his life. However, the terminal is unbreakable.

To move the situation along, the show decides to bring Ripple back to life. How? Well, remember that Lucky Rabbit’s Foot Snow White was given by Hardgore Alice gave her a while back? Somehow it still hasn’t been used, which means the activation probability on the item is insanely low, and it somehow brings Ripple back to life.

d.pngIt’s not as gratifying as it is meant to be, but it does give way to Fav’s destruction which couldn’t have been managed by Snow White alone. You see, Fav’s terminal can only be destroyed by an item from the World of Magic. Ripple has such an item– the large scythe that Swim had purchased.

After the destruction of Fav’s terminal, we learn that Ripple and Snow White somehow retained their powers and continue their magical girl work. Though, Snow White is often chastised by the World of Magic for operating outside of her assigned district.

The ending leaves me with a lot of questions, but I want to highlight two.

  1. Can the girls become regular girls again, or are they now magical girls forever?
    • It seems that Snow White has run away from home, so I have to assume that the girls can no longer become human again. Unless, Snow White is just that dedicated to her cause and ran away from home so she may act freely- which is possible.
  1. How did the World of Magic handle this mess?
    • We know that Ripple and Snow White have contact with the World of Magic, but we don’t know to what extent and under what circumstances the girls get to keep their powers. I assume that considering the situation, they were allowed to retain their magic because they were able to defeat and conquer a terrible situation.

I always want to know about the inner workings of every world in a show or movie or book, and I’m seldom satisfied with what I’m given. In anime, we aren’t always told why and how things happen- they just do. Which is nice in itself because in the real world we don’t often know why or how something is done.

Overall, I’m pleased with the ride I had watching MGRP. I had a lot of fun theorizing what would happen next, but I am also very upset that the last episode was so lackluster.

If you were planning on watching MGRP, still watch it. It’s a lot of fun, and you may actually like the ending!



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