Thoughts and Feelings Column: Magical Girl Raising Project – Episode Ten

Magical Girl Raising Project hasn’t surprised me in weeks, but this past episode really brought out the stops and made me feel confident in the show again. While this is a largely Hardgore Alice centered episode with a dash of Cranberry at the end, something very important happens to Snow White that may add to her eventual breakdown at the series end.

a.pngThe episode begins with a look into Hardgore Alice’s real life. She’s a very loyal daughter, and even though her father murdered her mother, she visits her dad every day in prison. Alice’s dad doesn’t seem to care much that she is there, and eventually asks that she stop coming. Either he regrets his actions and sees Alice as a reminder of his transgressions- or he’s just heartless and doesn’t want anything to do with his child.

Alice’s main conflict is her feelings of burdening others. It cripples her. Alice seemed like she maybe wanted to kill herself, too, with a letter entitled “Will” in her desk drawer. The only light in her life is the magical girl phone game and Snow White, and when Fav asks her to join the project she was elated. Then, when Snow White apologized for misjudging her, and said she was needed. Alice discovered out that she was wanted and she found something to live for.

That makes her death all the more sad. This girl was finally moving through the grieving process and found a great friend, but was brutally murdered in a rainy alley on her way to school.


I believe that Alice’s death is going to have a significant impact on Snow White’s outlook- not just because a friend died, but because of how she died. Alice died as herself in the real world. Not in game. It’s here that Snow White should realize that there aren’t any boundaries to the game anymore. It’s here that Snow White should lose her hope.

On the more low-key side of things, we get a look at the real life of the Peaky Angels. They are college-age twins who have always done everything together and have the exact same interests. It’s refreshing to see that the girls just have normal, boring lives unlike the last few stories we’ve seen. It’s also super creepy that two 20-somethings became five-year-old-looking angels as magical girls.


Let me just say that I love Cranberry. She’s terrible and ruthless and is obviously doing something evil. Fav and Cranberry have a great expository conversation, though it’s not terribly drawn out, that helps us understand this game a little better.

First, Cranberry is confirmed as making the calls on how the game is played and run- she’s the “programmer” and “admin” of the game and Fav is her minion.

Second, Cranberry is from the World of Magic and is in charge of selecting candidates for something- possibly people to inherit magical abilities and enter the World of Magic. According to Cranberry, Fav is supposed to “Paint the deathmatch as a peaceful, idyllic trial of good girls,” and this means that not all selection exams for these positions are murder festivals.

Some questions that remain are: why does this World of Magic need talent from the regular world, and was Cranberry a previous winner of such selection exams? Does the WoM need more magical girls because of a threat to their existence- or are they just generally kind and like to give out magical power? Whatever the case may be on any front, I really can’t wait to learn more about Cranberry because her true motive behind the game is still unclear.

cI almost feel bad for Swim’s team when they take on Cranberry because she’s so powerful. Cranberry can hear heartbeats and breathing in the woods with just a little concentration, which took the element of surprise out of both Tama and the Peaky Angel’s attacks. Tama’s arm is rendered useless with a rock thrown with great force, but she is able to slip away before Cranberry can finish the job. The last Peaky Angel is punched through the heart as Cranberry realizes a rock is the Angel’s disguise-magic (which was very surprising). It’s truly terrifying how easily Cranberry removes both threats.

Our next episode will give us a battle between Cranberry and Swim Swim, and I have to assume that Cranberry wins the fight in some way. Either by her own power, or possibly interference from Ripple who has an aside where she mentioned hating Swim.

On to episode eleven!!

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