Thoughts and Feelings Column: Magical Girl Raising Project – Episode Nine

MGRP raises its body count with a total of three deaths this episode, but none of the fights are as exciting as Winterprision’s final bout in the previous installment. There was an article I read on ANN about this episode that talked about how the show needs to make us care about the deaths- which may mean more focus on characters as people.

This is episode nine, and I don’t see this show getting a second season. That leaves three or four more episodes for us to kill the rest of the cast off and have the reveal of what Fav and Cranberry are doing.

It seems like a long time, but it’s not.

MGRP has a timeline from hell where you can’t keep good track of how many days have passed, if any at all, between some events. This show seems like a race to the finish line, and I’m relatively worried the ending won’t be a good payoff for my loyalty.

However, let’s talk about the series of events this week.


The show opens with Sister Nana sitting on the ground with a single photograph, half-drunk whiskey, and a bottle of overturned white pills. She’s grieving, and this stack of drugs makes me think that she either has tried or wants to try and kill herself. The loss of her beloved is too much, and Nana is possibly finally understanding that she is going to die no matter what. She can either die by her own hand, or by one of the other girls’. There’s no escape. Even if she wins, eventually she’ll stop being a magical girl- then Fav would kill her. It’s really very depressing.

Sensing this futility, Nana hangs herself facing the burning city center at some point during the night. This is revealed toward the end of the episode, but it’s important to mention her death now because it doesn’t feel heavy. Nana killed herself out of grief and helplessness. It’s not sad or shocking. It’s just the end of that character and we are going to move on. Maybe that’s what sad about her death, though. No one is going to care that Sister Nana is dead.

Now it’s time for the Calamity Mary and Ripple fight we’ve all been waiting for.

yRipple has an edge with her agility, but Mary is cunning and tough. It’s relatively obvious that Ripple has the upper hand until she lands on a mine trap Mary set. Ripple is smart enough to know that she can’t lift her leg, and Mary throws some grenades to help the explosion along.

During Ripple and Mary’s fight, Top Speed confirms our guesses of pregnancy by getting teary when she sees a baby and its mother. Luckily, Top Speed returns from saving them in time to scoop up Ripple before she is blown up. Ripple then convinces Top Speed to turn around so she can finish the fight, and Top Speed decides to help by powering up her broom as a ramming device.

1They manage to kill the cowgirl by throwing glass to give themselves cover just before Ripple threw a ninja star into Mary’s forehead. Mary died wearing that same gross, purple spotted shirt she seemed to love.

Just as everything seems to be going well, Top Speed is sliced by Swim Swim killing her and her baby. We learn that Swim can turn segments of her body (not only the whole thing) into water which is very helpful against Ripple’s speed. Swim escapes to regroup with her allies, and Ripple is left to discover that Top Speed was pregnant.

The saddest thing about Top Speed’s death isn’t that the baby can’t be saved, but the fact that Top Speed died on a roof next to Calamity Mary. I’m certain that Mary didn’t have a good reputation in her normal life, and since Top Speed is a reformed Yankee she’ll likely have a story spun about her returning or hiding a continuation of that life and that’s why she died. Top Speed was actually a good person, and it’s going to significantly hurt her husband that she’s gone.

2Intermixed with Ripple and Top Speed’s fight are Hardgore Alice and Snow White’s adventures saving people from the car pileups. I was possibly wrong about Sister Nana being the most naïve magical girl because Snow White trumps it when she sees the last living Peaky Angel. At first, Snow White is unsure, but as soon as the angel smiles, Snow White decides that the angel is a good person and can be trusted. It’s so off-putting and when the angel turns herself into an axe and hurls herself at Snow White- I’m actually upset Alice blocked the attack. Snow White, pure and kind as she is, deserves to get hit for being so stupid.

Anyway, we get to see Snow White’s power work on Tama who is hiding underneath the invisibility cloak. Snow White is able to hear the troubled cries of people, and we’ve really only seen it working on people who are in mortal danger. However, she hears Tama’s trepidations about attacking her which may have actually saved her life.

What’s interesting here is that while Tama is timid about attacking Snow White, she is not remorseful or upset that she is aiding in murder.  I’m learning that I’m probably wrong about Tama not wanting to kill anyone, and it’s more that since she doesn’t directly hurt anyone she doesn’t see herself as a killer. It’s very disturbing how easily Tama is controlled, and I’m terribly curious where and how her story ends.

Tama eventually reveals herself from under the cloak thinking that Snow White was able to see her, and after this the remaining Peaky Angel tackles Tama into the cloak and they both disappear. Alice was crucial in saving Snow White’s life and says that Snow White is the only person Alice believes in.

It does seem like Alice is a good person, and that she poses no threat to Snow White. In fact, she’s possibly an admirer who understands that Snow White is what a magical girl is supposed to be- much like the late Pucelle.

Unfortunately, Alice falls into a trap and picks up what she believes to be her doll. It’s the peaky angel, and Alice takes that thing home with her. I was very worried that the angel would kill Alice after she turned human again, but at the end of the episode the angel bursts into the shrine hideout saying she knows someone they can kill for sure. I have to assume that it’s Alice, and that the angel found out some crucial information about her magic.

3Before this outburst, Swim was considering attacking Cranberry since Swim believes her to be weak. However, since the Peaky Angel now has confirmed information, I doubt they’ll be attacking Cranberry next episode.

A wonderful (and obvious) announcement comes after Fav lists the dropouts for the day. While the magical girls are now below the eight total he wanted, he now wants only four magical girls to protect the city. Fav cites the magical items he put in play as the trigger for more mana loss. So, theoretically, the candy collection competition will continue; though, more than likely there will be murders instead of friendly, helpful gameplay.

Read about episode ten!!

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    1. I have no idea- I think everyone really just far too concerned about being murdered to worry about him. Sister Nana did try to go over his head once by contacting the game admins- but, they didn’t exist. >.>

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