Thoughts and Feelings Column: Magical Girl Raising Project – Episode Eight

The most important lesson Sister Nana learns this episode is that she needs to stay still. She loses a lot this episode, and it’s really very sad no matter how you feel about her.

one.pngWe start the episode with Sister Nana and Winterprison meeting with Calamity Mary. Instead of asking Mary to join the crusade to help each other, though, Nana accuses Mary of using her magic to commit crimes. This is a very aggressive move, and I don’t understand what Nana was hoping to accomplish with it. Regardless, Mary attacks the two (rightfully) and the couple escapes in a similar manner to how they escaped Cranberry.

Almost immediately after this encounter, Nana and Winterprison arrive at Swim Swim and company’s hideout. Nana and Winterprison are upset that so many girls are resisting them, and upset that so many have died already. However, I do wonder what Nana’s plan if she is able to rally enough girls to work together? Even if there is no dissent between the girls, there is still the directive from Fav to earn candies or risk death if you can’t get enough- which I assume is still in effect, though multiple deaths may have ended the need for such a clear condition.

The ambush by Swim was very smart, and I wasn’t expecting her to use her subjects so well. Of course, Ruler’s influence on Swim is strong, and since Swim idolized what amounts to her master- I should have expected more from her. Anyway, it’s quite genius how they attack. First, Swim lures Winterprison to step in front of Nana to protect her. Next, Tama and the twins (using the invisibility cloak) tackle Nana.

two.pngWhen Winterprison turns around, one twin took the form of Nana and pretended to be her and begged for help. After touching Winterprison, the fake Nana stabs Winterprison with the other twin disguised as a knife. Winterprison sends Nana outside and begins the fight on her own.

It’s great.

fourWinterprison is rightly upset, and in her madness she crushes on the twins into the wall. After a bit of struggling, Swim cuts off Winterprison’s arm and Winterprison dies from blood loss.

I’m sad that Winterprison is gone, but this was the most satisfying fight, yet. The cunning from Swim and pure anger and power from Winterprison made it very exciting, and I can only hope fights from now on can display a similar amount of pure hatred.

Our next bit of information is a look back into Calamity Mary’s life. As it turns out, I was wrong to assume she was still in high school. Mary is a grown woman and an alcoholic. She also abused her child which led to her husband leaving her. Mary was actually in the middle of starting the magical girl game when this happened, and after she throws her phone against the wall Fav appears. Fav convinces Mary to become a magical girl by appealing to her need for strength and power over others.

What a great addition to the magical girl party.

fiveWe also get a look at Top Speed and her adorable homebody self, and an answer to why she keeps talking about “six months.” While the show doesn’t come right out and say it, subtle camera angle clues and information from her husband about her condition tell me she’s pregnant. I hope if she does end up dying they can at least save the baby, but if she’s only three months pregnant- that’s not likely.

I’m sure we will get a full reveal of the pregnancy next episode during the battle royal that Mary has started. You see, because Mary is so terribly insane, she attacks Ripple and Top Speed during their scheduled meeting. After the two flee on Top’s broom, Mary begins to shoot people and cars to bring the girls back out of their sense of heroism.

six.pngSince all the magical girls are running to help, except Cranberry, Swim and her team are planning on taking out the ones on their way to the scene. It’s a pretty smart plan, and no matter how any of this goes down I’m sure we are going to see a couple deaths and some great action. We are still waiting on Tama’s dissent, and I have no doubt that it’s coming soon.

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