Thoughts and Feelings Column: Magical Girl Raising Project – Episode Seven

This episode was relatively lackluster in terms of giving us more answers to the minds behind the game. However, there are still some key points worth note.

a.pngFirst, we start off the show with Snow White waking up in her bed with the Rabbit’s Foot item in her hand. We learn that it was Hardgore Alice’s and that Snow White must have picked it when it was dropped by Alice. Snow White believes that Alice is dead, because of the beheading, and starts to breakdown from the stress of everything. Fav states that she doesn’t have to worry because she won’t go insane- does Fav have a way to alter the mental state of the girls to keep them sane, or at least prevent their sanity from slipping? Or, more interestingly, is Fav attempting to comfort Snow White?

bWe move on to Sister Nana sending messages to all the girls asking to meet up. At this point it should be understand that Sister Nana is the most naïve magical girl on the roster.

I understand that she wants everyone to work together and have happy-go-lucky-friend-time, but that’s impossible at this point. Winterprision seems to understand this, and also notices that there is some subterfuge but stands by her girlfriend.

At this point in the show we get a look at Swim Swim’s team and we see Tama sitting by a pillar.

cTama is a very shy girl, if you didn’t already know, and has been silently against Swim Swim’s coup d’etat and fighting in general since the beginning. When Ruler was alive, Tama was involved in discussion by bullying; however, Swim Swim isn’t the type of leader to delegate and the Angels railroad Tama at every turn.

Tama is close to her breaking point, and I’m curious which side of the equation she’ll come out on. Will she gain confidence and side with her team, betray her team, or just fall into deeper depression let herself be killed?

Calamity Mary and Fav have a conversation where she tells him that she understands the magical girl game, though we are given no more information as viewers. Mary then promises to push the game the way Fav wants if she is allowed to know who killed Magicaloid. Fav relents and we get a great show of horror from Mary.

Alice’s immortality is brilliantly demonstrated when Calamity Mary and Hardgore Alice have a showdown.

dAlice will not die. Mary shoots her, burns her with fire and acid, stabs her, then eventually puts the globbed mess that is Alice into a barrel with sand and throws it in the ocean. Alice survives. Mary is utterly horrified during the encounter, but manages to get away after her barreling Alice.

It’s really disgusting to see Alice reduce to an amorphous blob. It’s also gross to see Mary try and kill someone in so many different ways as she pulls items out of that bottomless bag she purchased from Fav.

e.pngAfter the commercial break we get to look at Calamity Mary’s real life, and it’s not fun. Apparently, Mary’s mother dates a lot and this gossip trickles down to her classmates. In grade school a boy comments and tries to pull up her skirt, but Mary pushes him to the ground and starts punching him in the face. In middle school, it seems that Mary is popular with the boys but isn’t interested in them. Her “friend” comments about how she is a slut like her mother and Mary punches that girl in the face. Now, in high school, the fifth boyfriend her mother brings home is a pervert and eventually flip’s Mary’s skirt in an attempt to have sex with her (I guess? I don’t understand where he thought that move would go, honestly). Mary kicks the guy and moves out of the house.

I assume that Mary is still in high school as a magical girl, and a twisted sense of justice is guiding her through life.

fAfter a meeting with Sister Nana and Winterprision where Snow White is understandably horrified to see Alice alive, we learn that Alice is very good at following others and that she gave Snow White the rabbit’s foot on purpose. The interaction is very creepy because Alice won’t divulge any more information, and she mover her torso like a broken automaton. Alice seems to be a good guy, at least for now.

I do question the validity of Alice’s allegiance based on her look. Of course, that’s biased of me and maybe she’s just a great kid with a fascination with dark versions of fairy tales. Probably not, though.

The episode ends with Mary wanting to meet with Ripple and discuss something- most likely teaming up. Top Speed also mentions her six months problem, and it’s a little exhausting and frustrating as a viewer. Top Speed seems like she wants to draw attention to herself, but is playing hard to get. Finally, we see Sister Nana and Winterprison walking into a trap set by Swim Swim’s team.


I expect to see something good about Tama next episode, and I’m hoping we can get some more clues and answers about the game as whole.

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