Thoughts and Feelings Column: Magical Girl Raising Project – Episode Six

1.pngI would have never guessed that you can become a magical girl by using someone else’s phone to play that game, but you totally can and it’s ridiculous. From what we are shown, I have to guess that Magicaloid is a chronic runaway with parents that may not care. Maybe she has a bad home life, or maybe she’s just a rebellious kid. Whatever the case, she has a couple of good friends in the homeless man and her friend with the cell phone.

It should be noted that Magicaloid didn’t want to be a magical girl. She was given no choice, which is very interesting because I never noticed that tidbit before with any of the other transformations. Fav appears and says they are now magical girls, there is no contract system no consent. These girls are forced to become magical girls, albeit most of them wanted to, and furthermore, these girls are forced to die under conditions most  wouldn’t have agreed to with prior knowledge. Disregarding the fact that the girls are subject to killing each other now, magical girl-hood was given and forced on them. Not inherited or chosen. That’s a very important plot point, especially considering a global climate urging people to respect women’s choices.

The next point of note is when Cranberry and Pucelle are fighting. Pucelle leads Cranberry away from the neighborhood where the encounter began just as lights were being flicked on in homes. Obviously, people were able to hear the sounds of the girls fighting, and that makes sense since the girls are able to be seen in the world. However, if we remember back to the episode where Pucelle knocked that water tower-thing halfway over, there was no response from the city. That area did seem like a large industrial park, but a large metal structure being hit by large metal sword would have released quite the sound.

I do understand that the show can’t follow up on every bit and piece of the story, but I feel like that should have been mentioned in passing at some point by a classmate or read on the online forum people post magical girl sightings on. That was probably quite a terrifying sound to hear as a populace, and it would have helped the scene where lights come on during the Pucelle/Cranberry fight seem more important than It felt.

You know how in wrestling where the face character gets beat up and bloody by the heel, but makes a comeback that generates cheers and cries of happiness in a crowded stadium? I was hoping so much for that to happen with Pucelle. She really got pummeled and bloodied by Cranberry, but I held out hope that he would persevere. He didn’t. We actually hear an alarm sound, caused by the trickster magic Cranberry summons, then watch as Cranberry finishes the job.

Pucelle is killed by being hit on the highway after waking up from a near-death strangle (or Cranberry’s magic), and because of his death we get to bypass the candy competition this week! Which is odd. This means that Fav simply wants one girl to die a week and can disregard their competition at will.

This leads us into a conversation between Fav and Cranberry in a creepy cabin.

, Cranberry apparently lives in that cabin alone in the middle of the forest. Strange. Second, Fav mentions that they chose a mobile game for the selection test this time- which means there was another time something similar to this game has happened, and that this is indeed a selection test. These girls are being tested and groomed as heroes, and Fav’s voice becomes less cute and more hoarse as Cranberry irritates him. The two are in cahoots, but I am still wondering how long they have been together and to what end. This also helps solidify that the scale of this game is small- it’s only within the city.


Unless, there are multiple “Fav’s” partnered with different girls partaking in similar games across the nation.

This conversation was sparked by Fav adding some new items to the game that cost an amount of lifespan to get. There is only one of each item, though, and the most expensive item costs 25 years of life.

Fav actually managed to convince a very unstable Snow White to buy an item after telling her that Pucelle’s death was a sacrifice instead of an accident. However, Snow White got very lucky and was unable to purchase any item as they all sold out- most purchased by Swim Swim’s team.

I wonder how much of a blunder she would be with a sword, though…

Finally, we get an idea of the time span between the episodes and see that Alice wasn’t able to find Snow White until a few days after Sister Nana told her where she may be able to find Snow White. Before Alice is slaughtered by Magicaloid, she seems docile? Like maybe she really wanted to thank Snow White or be friends? Magicaloid is then killed by Alice (whose ability to not die if I remember correctly), and Snow White is just floored by this whole mess- as we all would be.

I don’t have any cogent thoughts about this series of events just yet. Snow White can’t share any of this with her friends, and she recently lost her only in-game companion. She’s not going to be doing well, but how she handles the Alice situation will help me understand how she likely becomes the hero Fav is hoping for.

6.pngFinally, I want to touch on our morbid friend, Top Speed. She references how she can’t die for another six months twice, and Ripple picks up on this as well. My first guess was that Top Speed is terminal, but that makes little sense why she’d need to wait six months to die. If anything, she shouldn’t care about her death in-game since she is terminal. So, I wonder if she maybe has a friend who is terminally ill who is scheduled to die in six months? I don’t know why my head’s stuck on the illness aspect with Top Speed, but her powers of flight and overly positive attitude make me question her health in real life.

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