Thoughts and Feelings Column: Magical Girl Raising Project – Episode Four

This episode is relatively fun because you get to learn about Ruler and Swim Swim, and it makes up (kind of) for some of the more irritating moments with the Peaky Angels.

So, we start this wonderful episode under the assumption that it is going to advertise that we should make friends in the game based on the title “Add More Friends” and previous addition to the game where the girls can transfer magical candies. Or, at least, that’s how I began the episode. I was thinking about alliance and team building would be a core mechanic.

I was wrong.

mgrp-1First, let’s talk about what we learn about Ruler AKA Sanae. We first see her as a high school student at the top of her class with people around her congratulating her at making the number one spot. She isn’t happy about it. Sanae is intelligent, haughty, condescending, pompous, unchallenged, and this culmination of traits and circumstances leave her seeing her classmates as inferior.

mgrp2.pngWe experience a time skip and see Sanae as a 20-something who is working at an office. She experiences light discrimination from her boss (and co-workers) when she brings to his attention some inefficiencies in the company. Again, Sanae sees everyone around her as inferior since they do not recognize the work she has done and what she can add to the organization. Her outlet for this frustration seems to be the phone game, and she is chosen as a magical girl.

This is where I start to question Fav, or the organization controlling him (again). After seeing Sanae’s personality, I don’t see how she is actually fit to be a magical girl in any way. I also feel like this asserts my assumption that these girls are being chosen because they are slightly unhinged and have the potential to fight each other.

Sanae is named Ruler and is given the power to command anything at will. From here I am starting to wonder if each girl’s power is indicative of what they desire. Snow White desires to help others, Pucelle desires to protect, Nemu desires to laze, Ruler desires to force her will, Top Speed wants to go really fast, Ripple wants to throw well…. Maybe I’m not on the right track after all?

Anyway, we move back to the present after seeing who Ruler is, and start the attack on Snow White. The Peaky Angels lead Pucelle away from Snow White, which is very obvious and now I know that Pucelle is just a meathead. However, while Pucelle is away fighting the twins we get to learn more about Ruler’s power.

mgrp-3Ruler has the power to command people at her will, but her range is five meters and she has to maintain a certain pose. She has absolute command within a limited range, and she has successfully kept this a secret from everyone. Which is actually quite a feat. Using this power, Ruler makes Snow White freeze so Swim Swim can transfer all of Snow White’s candies to her phone for distribution at the meeting house later.

Pucelle finally figures out that the Peaky Angels are a distraction and rushes back to the tower. Before we run to save Snow White, however, we get to see that the Peaky Angels can transform – one into a crow and the other into a ball? While I am curious what their powers are and the limitations– I still don’t like them.


Pucelle, rightly upset, knocks the tower and causes everyone to fall. Swim Swim grabs Ruler and throws her so the Peaky Angels catch and take her back to the hideout. Pucelle saves Snow White (though I doubt she was in any real danger since I bet she can survive that fall) and wants to go after Ruler’s crew to retrieve the lost candies so Snow White isn’t killed.

mgrp5We learn two things here. A) Pucelle is willing to die for Snow White, and makes this very clear. B) Not all the candies were transferred, and that was not Ruler’s order (she wanted Snow White to die).

There is a brief flashback, which isn’t staged well at all, and we see that there is more to learn about Ruler. Calamity Mary rushes in when Ruler first becomes a magical girl and asserts herself leading to a vapid, one-sided hate between Ruler and Calamity Mary. Ruler learns that she needs people to protect her since she cannot protect herself and recruits her minions. However, she is forceful and rude and this leads to her downfall.

Back in present Ruler is left with the least amount of candies. Swim Swim and the Peaky Twins planned it out, and Tama had no idea what was going on until Ruler died. Swim Swim only stole about half of Snow White’s Candies and had those distributed between everyone but Ruler, Pucelle, and Snow White. This guaranteed Ruler’s demise, and was very surprising since I didn’t expect Swim Swim to betray Ruler.

shinobu sleep.pngAs it turns out, the girl Nemu visited the dream of when she died was Swim Swim. That’s why Ruler was in the carriage; Swim Swim idolizes Ruler as a princess. Nemu telling Swim Swim that she can be a princess is what tips Swim Swim over the edge. She can’t be a ruler if Ruler is around, so she has to get rid of Ruler.

It’s a great coup de tat, and now Swim Swim is going to run things in the group. I am left to wonder why Ruler was covered in blood.  Fav killed Nemu with a heart attack, so why was Ruler killed in a way that lead to her bleeding? Did one of her subordinates do it? The twins looked suspicious…

Snow White is emotionally unstable and is upset about everything that has happened. Pucelle promised to protect Snow White so she doesn’t’ have to fight, but this leaves Snow White in a terrible position. She is going to watch her friend fight for her day after day, and I know she isn’t strong enough to let that happen because she is upset that the person who attacked her and wanted her dead has died. This is a character flaw that makes Snow White sweet but very naïve.

aliceOur last scene is that of the new magical girl that Fav has been talking about, and boy is she creepy. She reminds me of Alice in those American McGee Alice games, and if what I read about her online is true- she is a formidable opponent and will surely help put Snow White over the edge.


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